Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gorgeous Lingerie I Own

I'm thinking of starting a new semi-regular series "Gorgeous Lingerie I Own", in which I profile a wonderful item from my own wardrobe for your viewing enjoyment. Or mine at least.

Let's start with this one:

It's a set by Freya (like many of my faves), in a beautiful acid yellow with pink floral accent. The velvet trim is particularly fantastic. The shot of the undies here shows them from the back, with a gorgeous key hole at the tailbone. They're softly ruffled at the bottom and vaguely boy-short-y (but in a totally feminine way).

My husband bought this for me, which is to say I took his credit card and signed it, after a particularly vicious fight. I wish this weren't what I thought of when I look at it... Alas, it's a beautiful set that looks gorgeous on.


  1. I'm going to LOVE this series. Gah, those are gorgeous.

  2. Oh that is so pretty. It is so pretty I hope the associations don't taint the wearing.

  3. I think the acquisition story is awesome -- you should be extra proud!

  4. You're not going to model that for us? I am sooooo disappointed.

  5. Would love this set! Need a fight with my Mr. ;-)

  6. I like undergarments, but reading your posts is giving me a greater appreciation for them. I need to go and get some more pretty things:) BTW, that's such a pretty set and the velvet trim is a great touch!

  7. Aaah, so pretty!
    And kudos to your hubby!
    Job well done :-)

  8. Gorgeous underwear! (It's not often I say that on someone's blog post).

    And it looks like we'll be gone for a few years.

  9. The AP bra you chose for me that Mr Hammie looked up and bought is still my favourite bra ever. I might leave these links lying around now too (just put in a coded message to him that I have a size 14 bum)

  10. Sal: In truth, I copped this from your "Shoes I Own" concept. But it's apt, no?

    Mardel: Somehow I manage :-)

    W: Do I detect a note of sarcasm :-)

    Monkey: Remember, it's a FAMILY blog!

    Miss C: Admittedly, there are easier ways.

    Victoria: No doubt you could make them!

    Thanks Stacy!

    Andrea: Thanks. And a few years is much more significant than 1, I agree. Nonetheless, you can move back if the heartsickness persists.
    Or get them to come to you!

    Lisa: I am so happy you still love it. Lord knows, I do! Good coding, too. Nothing is worse than too-tight undies.

  11. these are so so pretty, i love the print

  12. This is a fantastic idea for a series! Did you guys forgive each other after the fight? If so, maybe you can forgive the undies for being the result of the quarrel...?

  13. Thanks Pink!

    Dora: Indeed - on both accounts!