Thursday, July 8, 2010


Still on vacay peeps, and enjoying my ass off. Of course, I'm building it back up with croissants...

This is just a quick post to say I miss you - and to urge you not to buy an iPad for it's blogging usability.

It's also chance to complain about the eco-ravaged planet and sun that's so hardcore my face is red and boo-booed despite heavy and regular application of my L'Occitane sunblock 40, the stuff I've used for years that works beautifully most of the time and costs 70 bucks a bottle. Did I also mention I'm wearing a hat?

When I tell you I'm sun-sensitive, I am not joking. I'm a little traumatized by how bad it looks, but I'm forging ahead. How did I end up on a walking holiday during the craziest heatwave ever?

Despite that, the atmosphere here is amazing and it's all tres calme. I've made friends with many new bottles of wine and cute servers.

I've got some great new loot including a nautical cashmere sweater, aubergine harem pants, a long drapey sweater and the sexiest dress. Everything has been on sale! Of course, posts with details will follow over the next few days when I get back. xoxo


  1. Get the heck offline and have fun on your vacation. And if oyu get sunburnt, I'll be glad to rub something on you to take the pain away. ;o)

  2. can't wait to see your pics of your fab sale finds :)

  3. Enjoy it the most, my dear!!!

    And I'm looking forward to see the new buys.


  4. I love when people back up my bad attitude about Apple products.

  5. I miss you too, but enjoy your vacation!

  6. I thought I was spending a lot for Shisiedo sun block! But now you have me wondering if I should try the L'Occitane. The sun and I don't get along well.
    Keep having a lovely time. I miss you! And I was so happy to see this post.xo

  7. Monkey: You are naughty!

    Sophie: They just got crazier and crazier...

    Thanks Seeker.

    Wendy: Let's just call us Bad Apples :-)

    Raven: Thanks!

    Bel: You must try it at least once (btw, they just changed the formula slightly, about to start with a new bottle, so I really hope it's as good or better. Apparently, just adds more age-proofing and doesn't change the texture (key for me)). You live in the sun - I say you can't go wrong giving it a go. Maybe they'll have a sample? (They've never offered me one, but then I buy the stuff)