Friday, July 2, 2010

Walking Chic

I was trying to shake off my child-at-camp-parent-free anxiety moment (the one that precedes the irresponsibly fantastic two weeks I'm about to have) so I bought myself a new pair of shoes:
Camper Peu Nara in orange
Though they seem vaguely granola in the photos, let me assure you, they are very sexy and IMMEDIATELY comfortable. The soles are like fluffy clouds! Um, how often do I say this??

I've been looking at Campers for years, but I've never found a pair that was truly comfortable. And, you know, they are too expensive to buy them on a whim. I can tell they will look as great with shorts and dresses/skirts as they do with jeans. The small heel provides a tall illusion and the structure of the sole (and soft leather) make them walkable for hours. The colour is a warm neutral (that's how I see orange) and the shape is strong and modern.

I am totally packing them up for QC - a tremendous endorsement because, if I think I can walk in new shoes on cobblestones for hours a day, then you know they are pleasant.

Does anyone own these? Do tell about your experience...

PS: Yes, I bought them on Canada Day. Balisi on College was open?! And they were on sale from $200.00 to $160.00.


  1. LOVE them. Campers are always so beautifully designed.

  2. To give you fair warning, I am going to steal those shoes from you. Someday, somehow. When you least expect it those shoes will be gone.

    Wait, what size shoe do you wear? That could be a deciding factor in my whole master plan.

    Seriously awesome shoes. I can't believe they are Campers.

  3. Lovely, and I can see them with shorts and dresses. Nothing like new shoes to add sparkle to a vacation.

  4. I am glad you said it, they do appear faintly granola in the snaps. I will trust you that they are not. I do love a good orange shoe. Hope you have many happy hours of walking in them. Bring band aids just in case. New shoes can be tricky for trips.

  5. Child at camp parent free. The best five words ever typed. Mine are at camp next week too, we'll have to go shopping together in spirit.

  6. Those seem great... comfortable with a great colour for a statement...

    Hope you'll have a fantastic weekend


  7. More shoes should feel like fluffy clouds. I approve.

  8. I am seriously covetous -- those are great shoes!

  9. They look so comfortable! I could do with a pair for my painful heel spur!

  10. Nice. Very hoof-like. Needless to say, I approve.

  11. Sal: These are particularly fantastic!

    Shallow: Ha! You just try :-) I'm a 39...

    Mardel: They actually look really good with short shorts too...

    Bel: I know, don't they look crunchy in the photo. Trust me, I vamp them up :-) I wore SO many bandaids on my trip but these shoes weren't the worst offenders. They're actually the most comfy "first wear without breaking in trauma" I've had in a long time. except for the runner style walking shoes I bought while away :-)

    Stacey: It's going just fine here :-) Let me tell you about what happens next week (interesting surprise info involving child on another vacation without me...)

    Seeker: The colour really makes them, IMO.

    Wendy: Super fluffy clouds.

    mater: You can find them, I'm sure...

    Fab: Honestly, they would be great for that.

    D..: They are, kind of :-) But in a sexy horse way!