Sunday, July 11, 2010

Under the Wire

OK, today I got closer on fit with my bra-making (see above) than ever before but fuck if it isn't the among the most elusive things I've ever tried to do. You know you're crazy when, at 11:30 p.m., on the last gasp of your vacation, you find yourself taking photos of the bra you spent all day making - only to follow it by writing a post immediately?!

When I finally get it - and, trust me, I will get it - I'm going to have a freakin' party.

There are so many "issues" with this one, I'm loathe to list them all but, in brief:
  • My fun idea of using super expensive Mokuba lace, interfaced, was labour-intensive, but it yielded a weak final product. Weak in that it isn't going to last for the long term.

  • I've still got an issue with the back hooks piece (of the clasp) popping out when I wear it. It might be the hooks piece (it's crappy) or the way I've attached it, but I've had this challenge every time and it persists. The only reason I'm finally turning my attention to it now is because I've almost got a working prototype, so no time like the present.

  • I cut the channeling before stitching it shut at the centre. Big mistake cuz the wires really want to pop through - despite my Houdini hand-sewing of ugliness.

  • There still isn't quite enough cup fabric so that the inner wire touches my chest wall, but it's close. I'm finally ready, I think, to experiment with altering that part of the pattern very slightly. I thought the issue might be about seam allowances and the front bridge, but I'm not sure. I did widen the bridge to allow for .25 inch seam allowances on the centre / fold side (which I hadn't before) but it might just be weird, rather than helpful.

  • The band (at 75) is a bit too big. 70 cm was too small. Cutting it at 72.5 makes it increasingly tricky to grade the cup size for the customized back circumference, but I guess I'm couture bra sewing here so I might as well just go for it, yes?
How on earth can there be so many variables to consider??

Well, I'm giving this another go next weekend. Wish me luck.


  1. I am so impressed! You are so methodical and analytical and, on top of all that, so persistent. One of my fellow doctoral candidates, as we were both closing in on our dissertation defenses, credited our finishing to, in her words, "sheer bloody-mindedness," and I'm getting the sense that you should soon be awarded a PhD in bra couture!

  2. Oh my, K!
    YOu are a woman of infinite patience. I would have put that in my 'been there-done that' pile, unlikely to be attempted again. With so much in my day-to-day life to vex me, I sew to have fun.
    I am so impressed.

  3. Even if it fits horrendously, I'm still impressed. It LOOKS like a gorgeous bra!

  4. Kristin! OMG, this looks amazing! You go girl! It looks pretty freakin' perfect from what I can see, but when you get to the point where you are totally happy with the piece, I want to come to that celebration/party you mentioned :-)

  5. I'm glad to see you're still hacking away at it! I thought maybe you'd given up. This new bra does look gorgeous!

  6. I have to tell you that your bra making is going to be in my things to brag about. Yep, I am telling people that I know someone who is actually making a bra. That, to me, is more impressive than what anyone else is up to. Really, there should be an award for this. I am VERY impressed! I feel sure that you will soon nail this and it will fit better than any La Perla ever could.

  7. You are determined! And it looks beautiful . . .

  8. Wow!!! You've gone and done it again. Although you feel your bra needs some tweaking, I'm rather impressed. You keep getting better and better. Pretty soon you'll be giving all of us tutorials on how to make our own bras! Can't wait to see what you do next:)

  9. Mater: Really, you are too kind. And I wish I were being modest :-) Thank you for your lovely comment.

    Sox: What you may not realize is that I haven't sewn one of these in 2 months (or maybe 3). I was so demoralized I had to take a break :-)

    Sal: You know, that's what I tell myself! It's not perfect on me but on some other woman's boobs it would be great!

    Stacy: You are so invited. Let's do it in Montreal. Stay tuned...

    Heather: I really needed a break :-) Of course, now I have a whole bunch of new questions I'll be hitting you with later this week.

    Bel: What a compliment! K-Line and La Perla all in the same sentence :-) I will persevere for perfectly fitting underwear - and bragging rights.

    Thanks Miss C!

    Victoria: I sense that's a while off, but I am getting better slowly. I'm always inspired by my fellow sewists, such as you and Heather. Thank you...

  10. That is really beautiful and I am really impressed with how far you've come. I think you are making fabulous progress, and I'll agree with Mater about that "bloody-mindedness". Yes, go for couture. If I ever do it that will be the reason, and I don't think I have your patience.

  11. M: Thank you so much. I really am not patient. I'm just so irritated by not succeeding.