Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Stitch In Time...

I don't like to dwell, but as you may know, bras 6 and 7 were not a success.

To clarify: They really look like bras; they are very nicely constructed (dare I say it myself) and I believe I chose lovely fabric and notions to bring out the best in the basic pattern. They just don't fit me. I mean, if you made these bras and they fit you, I'm sure you'd love them. And if they didn't - you'd likely want to hurl your 6th and 7th prototypes across the back yard.

That's where I'm at.

But then something occurred to me. I've known it for a while, but I couldn't accept it because acceptance involves something unthinkable - ripping up one of my current RTW bras.

I'll let you get over the gasp.

Let me explain: I make the same bra again and again, recognizing the pervasive problem and trying to correct the pattern every time. Maybe it's my lack of experience - maybe my 2 dimensional-to-three dimensional reasoning isn't there yet - but I get variations of the same fit issue every time. I'm actually starting to believe that the bra pattern I'm using is based on a sloper (basic figure shape) that doesn't quite suit my own. And with a bra, you need perfection or it's just not there.

I've spent a hundred hours, at least $250.00, and so much energy at this point. Doesn't it make sense to sacrifice a $100.00 purchased-from-a-store bra - one cut from the tried-and-tested Kristin-sloper - for science?

Now the RTW bra in question is almost over. If I wait any longer, it won't be useful for anything but scrap. I do still wear it though. It's one of my absolute faves. And I still have 2 pairs of very $$ undies to wear with it. Of course, unconsciously, I have always intended to purchase it again when it goes to sleep with the doilies.

What got me over the hurdle of accepting the next step in bra-making 101?

I bought another one online now. Well, yesterday. You heard it. It's not a basic but I wear it weekly. And, unbelievably (since last I bought this bra, retail in TO), the price online is so much lower, it's less than 1/2 of what I paid the first time. Admittedly, it may have come down in price, and it may be on sale. And admittedly, I own the set in 2 colourways currently, though one - the black - is in the "store" drawer, for when and if my shape changes.

As soon as it arrives, and I verify that the size is right, I'll start to unstitch the tired one. What?! Damn straight, I'm waiting. A bird in the hand...

On a side note: The lovely people at Bra Components have gifted me a batch of lingerie notions in the indigo shade I require to make use of some indigo duoplex I bought elsewhere, before considering I had nothing to match it (straps, hooks/eyes/loops/channeling).

Bra Components is a very interesting company and I intend to talk about the experience when I receive the parcel.

It seems the universe is guiding me to wait.


  1. I have been following your brave bra making attempts, and I almost suggested, at one point, to do what you are doing.

    I am a lover and collector of fine lingerie too, and as a non-standard size I know how hard it would be to rip apart a perfect fitting bra.

    Good luck!

  2. This may be your answer my dear! And why hasn't Bra Components offered ME any free shit?! That's what I'd like to know! Haha!

  3. I'd go for it in a heartbeat and think you should too. As one who sometimes has trouble why two things that look the same have incredible differences in fit, I think copying something that works will provide the requisite insight.

    Good luck!

  4. Jos: We can hope! :-)

    Anon: Thanks for your support...

    Heather: As I will discuss, I asked them if they would be willing to provide me with samples for testing, which I will write about. I'm sure they would do the same for you - as a legitimate blogger and legitimate bra sewist, with a strong reader-base that cares about lingerie supplies.

    M: I think you've put it really well. That's the divide I'm hoping to cross.