Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love Potion No. 4

So, back to those beauty products I bought on the cusp of my (so far excellent) forties:

Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate (approx. $40.00)

This is a brand I don't really know but I've been using the eye cream for a few weeks and I do enjoy it. It's not particularly scented (so as I can discern). It isn't goopy and it soaks in quickly but with some nice moisture factor. I really like it with the Clinique rollerball. To be honest, I sense that each gives the other ballast - or, at least, I'm invested in believing it!

The Juice manifesto concerns using organic ingredients and sustainable methods - two ideas I can get with, though I haven't researched the company fully enough to assure you that its claims are accurate.

I don't love the name or the packaging, and you know I'm influenced by packaging. I'll get back to you at the end of the bottle which, at this rate, is going to take 6 months to get through. So check off good value for the money.

Anyone else tried this brand?


  1. I have!! I use their Green Apple Facial Peel - Full Strength and I LOVE it. It is a miracle product that I will buy again and again and again. I have their body lotion with SPF 20. I don't think that will be bought again. Can't wait to hear your long term take on the eye cream.

  2. It sounds interesting. I'd like to get an update once you've used it a little more. I'm always looking for improvement.

  3. Bel: I've got to try the peel! I love a good peel.

    Mardel: I will update. BTW, the more I use the Clinique rollerball product, the more I LOVE it.