Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time Stands Still

This post is brought to you by the Happy Vacationers Society:

Can you see the pool overlooking the St. Lawrence at its narrowest point?? Isn't it awesome?

This homeowner just happens to have a little bench outside of the front door... Technically, we may have been trespassing. S and Nicole rested for a moment. You can't tell here, but they are, um, glowing...

Once upon a time, that cliff was a fortification. Now it's the garden for a B&B. Tourists...

All of these photos were taken on a journey (hellishly hot, I might add) around the outside of the basse-ville (lower town) towards a scary staircase of great views leading to the Plains of Abraham. The photo of the pool (barely visible) was taken in a moment of great courage, though I actually turned around and tried to focus a camera when really I wanted to suck myself to the rickety wooden railing for dear life.

Let me say, it was a gorgeous time.


  1. Great shots. I love city photos.

  2. Thanks M - I should have taken more photos but I was too busy drinking booze!

  3. Some great shots here -- I love that pool, or at least its fabulous location!

  4. That place looks so beautiful, seems you had a nice time.

    Hope you'll have a great weekend


  5. Ah yes... I can see the pool. I wish I were in it! Hellishly hot in NYC too! I feel your pain :-)

  6. Mater: It's one of the most gorgeous public pool vistas I can imagine.

    Fab: Ah, I miss it...

    Seeker: It was beautiful, thank you...

    Stacy: Today it is so humid it's making me feel sick.