Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fun Times...

Quebec City, overlooking Levis and Ile D'Orleans over the St. Lawrence

Despite his innate cuteness, see how gross and greasy Scottie's hair is? That's cuz it's a zillion degrees. Mine, thank goodness for all concerned, was covered by that mini hat that did nothing to protect me from the sun so, for the next week, I had blisters all over my nose. Don't ask how - I was covered in so much sunscreen and stood in the shade at every opp.

BTW, I made that cowl top out of rayon jersey fabric that was $3.50 a yard. Whole thing cost, like, 5 bucks and I've worn it a bunch of times. I tried to do a full bust adjustment on it (there's an empire seam you can't see) - talk about overkill! I added 3 inches but it put the seam at my navel! :-) Nonetheless, due to the busy-ness of the pattern, it can't easily be seen, it so all is well. I have made it twice - very easy, very good pattern - and will do a sweater version with the 3/4 sleeve for fall. Totally recommend it.

PS: I realize that the fabric is on the cusp of hideous. But I was experimenting and the colour-scheme really does work fabulously.


  1. Wow the scenery is BEAUTIFUL! I'd love to be there. That's indeed a cute top. I'm feeling the colors too:) Nothing wrong with going out on the limb with colors!

  2. What a beautiful picture!!!!
    The landscape is great and you look happy.

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.


  3. I've got no complaints about that print. Nice job!

  4. Sounds lovely. I like the fabric, especially the colors. So warm.

  5. Looks like a job well done on the top. Sorry to hear about your nose, can't believe that happened to you!

  6. The top is lovely; there is nothing wrong with that print. We need to chat about where you are finding rayon jersey.
    I'm glad you enjoyed Quebec City. I want to go there sometime.

  7. About the jersy- where you buy fabric is probably in your blog somewhere. I'll snoop.

  8. V: It was beautiful! And hot enough for your new swimsuit!

    Thanks Seeker, you too.

    Kate and Wendy: I want to have drinks with you in London :-) And thanks xo

    Fab: It's crazy. I still have the scabs and I go back to work tomorrow.

    Sox: I like 2 places best - but I've been known to shop all over the place, including online (too expensive, btw). That fabric was from FabricLand (they do excellent sales and can have tons of great stuff or not so much). I also love a local place in TO garment district called World Sew. Run by a crazy woman (nice though) and they always give generous yards and they have the best selection of knits in city, IMO - at least ones that are affordable. It's a seemingly disorganized, nutty store though.

  9. You are killin' it with the sewing lady! Which makes me think I need to take my lazy derriere downstairs and pull out my machine like I had promised myself earlier in the day today. Yes, that's precisely what I should do.

  10. I would have just assumed it was hair gel if you didn't say anything. And, yes, you are both adorably cute. Hope your nose is all better! And I disagree, fabric is not hideous!

  11. E8: Well, I'm killing a lot of fabric in the process! I've started reusing my bra components to save money :-)

    Bel: You are too kind to Scott :-) Nose is at the tail end of the booboo. More than a week later.