Monday, May 3, 2010

Urban Gardens

Ah, to be amongst the ultra-chic Apartment Therapy crowd... (I do love tidy, geometric spaces.)

If you enjoy a gorgeous, pared-down city garden, then check this out.


  1. Makes me feel like my giant yard is being wasted on me!

  2. Love that! Chic, geometric, controlled. A sanctuary from everything messy in life.

  3. This rooftop garden is fabulous. Like Mardel said, it is a calm place to retreat from the world.

  4. Sal: Your yard is lovely - but it's kind of scary to see how many different "rooms" it could have.

    Mardel: Is it so bad to like order in one's garden? :-)

    Wendy: Do you have a gorgeous NYC terrace? I'd love to see it if you do!

    Belle: There aren't enough retreats, in my opinion.

  5. Your yard is so beautiful! So inspiring! Why won't I have mine?

  6. LLG: I know!

    Dining Room: Oh, don't want to mislead - this isn't my back yard, just one that I would like. (Not that I don't enjoy my own back yard...)