Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Look

When I was out today, my fave store that sells utterly everything (Ziggy's at Home) had a bunch of terrific wide-brimmed hats in the window. They were all very structured, very beautifully made and reminiscent of the forties.

Y'all know I'm the palest thing ever to walk the earth (ok, albinos beat me, but just marginally). I need the protection! And, although I have the smallest head circumference in the land, there were a couple that actually fit when I tried them on.*

Which is how I ended up with this one:

I realize that, one day, I'm going to look at these photos and think to myself: Wow, I looked great without make up 5 minutes before I turned 40. But right now all I can think is: Would it have killed me to put on a little foundation? Or at least to have applied my lipstick evenly??

*Note that I will glue some grosgrain to the inner brim, just to give it a bit more stability on my mini skull. Doesn't that make me sound so DIY?


  1. You look great and have fabulous skin. Cherish it! ^_^

  2. You look way better than me w/o makeup an I'm 35... That hat is fab!

  3. You look very glam and have beautiful skin.

    i tried on a couple of hats today too, but no luck -- I have the biggest head -- a men's large.

  4. You look fab!! I could see this w/ a vintage Claire McCardell bathing suit. I think I have you beat in the tiny head circumference race!

  5. What a fabulous hat. And I'll reiterate what everyone else is telling you - your skin is great!

  6. i love it! and i am as pale as you and i was recently thinking that i need one of these hats!

    today i went without makeup (and didn't dare leave the house!). sometimes i think i look ok without it, and sometimes i think WHO AM I KIDDING -- GET ME SOME MAKEUP, STAT! ha! oh well.

    i think you look fab, so there!

  7. You look SO Riviera! Very chic! What is up with hats so rarely coming in sizes: I am a Big Head person personally... yes, i know fancy hats come in many sizes, but regular cool hats...not so much.
    That hat rocks! You look so awesome!

  8. Oh lordy I love it! Now I'm going to have to go on a hunt to find one for myself!

  9. I love the hat -you look so chic. I think people should wear hats more often. And you don't need foundation!

  10. Movie Star Glamourous my dear! Great buy!

  11. Wendy: Thanks!

    Andrea: You are so sweet.

    Jennine: You are gorgeous at any age...

    Mardel: Thank you! With all the women needing bigger or smaller hats, I'm surprised by the lack of range. I guess, not enough people wear them to make it economically feasible to size better. I did the grograin insert yesterday and now the thing fits perfectly. Alas, it doesn't work in the other direction.

    Stacy: I know! It's got glamour bathing suit accessory written all over it. And you cannot beat me with the tiny head :-)

    Tiffany: Thank you!

    Janelle: I like to call my weekend look "homeless chic". Sometimes, with the greasy hair and "lounge" clothes, I am scary!

    Margaret: Thank you! If you live in a big city, you can often find specialty shops for the "everyday" hats. I intend to wear this fancy one everyday nonetheless!

    attempts: You must!

    Marina: Thank you. I do love to see women in hats.

    Janet: Thank you!

    Fab: Don't you find the glamour hat is perfect for the forty-something woman?? I'm loving that!

    Kate: Fun, huh!

    Shallow: So nice to see you... And thank you!

    Seeker: And nice to see you too. I hope you are well. Thanks!