Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Talking To You

Perhaps you are aware that we, in TO, are having the most spectacular weather in, um, years. I mean, I have to assume that the mere lack of weather-related complaining gives it away.

Each day I leave the office and wander around in a haze of heat happiness. And today, I actually took some photos as I walked around the Grange Park.

It's very pretty, if "real", which is to say I've been known to call it the Grunge.

Ridiculous and Sublime: The St. George Church Tower next to some rent-controlled semi-brutalist mishmash structure

The door of the St. George Church Tower - the church itself burned down

The church tower courtyard - it's in disrepair...

The full structure...

With a short right turn, this is the view looking out of Grange Park to the south (towards Queen West)

If I eat one more frozen yogurt with shredded coconut while walking around this park, I will officially qualify for "girl with problem" status. But what am I to do? It's all blue sky and hotter than hell and lunchtime.

Today I went on some kind of sugar high and decided I'd make an architourist video for you, my fabulous readers.

In case you've ever been curious to put a voice to my photos, here's your chance but I warn you:
  • I'm not very interesting here - though I'm fascinating in real life! This is a one shot, spur of the moment film experience. In truth, I can't believe I walked around talking to myself with people zooming by!
  • It looks crappy: I filmed it on my cell phone. That is never a good idea. Unfortunately, everything is low-res granular, hence the supporting photos above. I want you to know it was as clear as a bell out there.

Hilariously, at one point I refer to the old house in the foreground of this park and regret that I can't remember its function. Um, it's the freakin' Grange?!

Let's just say I'm not going to quit my day job :-)


  1. I love that burned down church and how nature is trying to reclaim it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stop bragging about the weather!! :) Oregon sucks right now. It hasn't been this bad of a spring in years. Can you please send some of that sunshine down this way?

  3. the weather in nyc is glorious as well, and will be for the long weekend. happy official start to the summer! :)

  4. I couldn't get the vid to load, but I'm sure you sound brilliant! Those photos are wonderful. TO is beautiful.

  5. Lovely photos ... Especially when I'm sitting in a cold (for us, that is!) wet winter!

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  7. Monkey: Thank you!

    Shallow: I know, that was very insensitive of me. But now the weather gods are getting me back!

    Sophie: Ah, summer...

    E: Too bad - but it wasn't my best work! It's fun here right now. You should visit!

    tiffany: Sorry! I feel the same way in January :-)