Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fait Accom-pleat

I promised photos of V1179, so here you go:

Admit it, for a large-scale floral, it's not bad! (In these shots it even appears that the pattern aligns at the side seam- which is entirely accidental, I assure you!) And it was only 5 bucks a yard. I'm sure that shocks you. :-) Note: The dress cost approx. $15.00 total. If you don't count the hundreds of dollars of labour.

For it's other flaws (don't biggen up the photos, ok?), the pleats at the centre front worked out very nicely, if I do say so myself. I'm very happy with the length, and I think that the fit is pretty good. Admittedly, without the belt it's not particularly flattering. But I've got a belt, so all is well.



  1. I love the stand-up collar, and the print and colors are really summertime and fun. Your sewing posts really inspire me to tackle my own project this summer. Or try to... it's been ages since I've touched a sewing machine!

  2. That looks really nice! And it is lovely with your new shoes.

  3. Faboo! And deliciously summery. Promise not to enlarge the photos, not that I'd have any idea what a sewing error looked like ...

  4. Two things. First, hubba to the hubba! And second, it looks great on you.

  5. Not Bad?!??! ...It's fabulous! look so ready for summer!! I love your blonde hair!

  6. Lookin good!
    Don't worry about the mistakes, cuz I wouldn't notice them if you didn't say anything. The bold pattern helps.

    Sometimes I do a stitch wrong in my knitting (that I only notice rows later) and I just keep going. I know a lot of knitters would rip back, but if it's minor and doesn't screw up the whole pattern, I don't care. I'd probably have a different opinion if the item was for someone else.

  7. OIB: Thank you! You should totally return to the sewing this summer. But only when the weather is bad.

    Mardel: You get a star for noticing the new shoes!

    Sal: Well thank you for that restraint :-)

    Monkey: Aww, thanks!

    Wendy: Don't you mean "effortlessly" chic?? :-)

    Maegan: I am so ready for summer. Thank you!

    Raven: Oh I know, bold patterns can hide a multitude of mistakes. And I'm glad to hear your take on this. Sometimes you can either lose your mind or say fuck it and keep going :-)

  8. you're blond! am i late to this? i feel like this is recent change...but i've been bad lately.
    i love the pattern!

  9. Love the dress, love the fabric. And the blonde hair looks great too ... You're making me wish for summer.

  10. I love it!!! Safari chic. The first photo is so amazing - the way the shadow from the tree is on you. It's picking up the print motif. You look just gorgeous and you know I'm cheering a little bit inside that the side seams match up (don't say it was an accident :)
    Well done dear.

  11. It looks great! I love the print!

  12. Jennine: Thanks! And I've been blond for a while, but everyone seems to think it's a new development. Talk about bang for your buck!

    tiffany: I know that stuck-in-winter feeling. Imagine you are in the northern hemi over a cup of hot chocolate. It makes the winter more palatable :-)

    Stacy: Thank you! And I made the dress again with a friend yesterday and we once again, accidentally matched up the side seam. Hmmmm, maybe I have a secret genius? :-)

    Janet: Thank you!! xo

    Adrienne: Thank you. I really do love this dress. I think it might even become a TNT.