Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spirea-ling Out Of Control

Here's my spirea:

To be honest, this plant - aka wild thing that grows so fast and voluminously you can barely see the front of the house for 3 weeks in May and then it's all big bushy green boring that needs semi-constant tending thereafter - isn't really my thing.

I intend to re-landscape the front yard next summer. (It was supposed to happen this summer and then that went sideways for a sort of, but not seriously, interesting reason I'll bore you with at another time.) I'm hopeful that my landscaper will be able to find this baby a new (large) home.


  1. It *does* drive my crazy when gorgeous blooms give way to green leaves. Enjoy your blossoms while you have them!

  2. How could too much of that be a bad thing? So pretty!!

  3. It's kind of a pushy plant, isn't it!

  4. The spirea is gorgeous, but large and unwieldy also. I would like more for the distance, along the woods, where they can add a pop of light in the spring and just blend into the greenery later on. I'm hoping to get to my front walk this summer, if not the entire re-landscaping thing, but then it was supposed to be last year.

  5. Miss C: It seems so excessive!

    Bel: I know, I shouldn't complain. I'm just fussy!

    Wendy: That's exactly it. It's pushy!

    Mardel: In the woods I think it's perfect. A spot of colour in the spring and then fade to the background. Are you going to do the front walk yourself??