Monday, May 31, 2010


I could totally get with this shade garden dining experience:

On a (crazy, embarrassing) side note: Today I called my landscaper-extraordinaire to lament the state of the boxwoods on my front walk. After a variety of pointed questions about the nature of their potential disease (browning, crunchy leaves), she suggested that perhaps I should try water.

Um, scarily, that didn't occur to me. I mean, we're experiencing the longest dry-spell ever?! I have watered just about everything else but these are on a side patch of land and they miss the sprinkler.

Really, though...


  1. Thanks for reminding me about the benefits of the weather I'm returning to tomorrow -- no watering required as Nature has an automatic sprinkler going!
    Love that orange setting -- so inviting there in that shade. . .

  2. Ha ha! When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras. When you see crunchy leaves, think water!

  3. I'm deeply enamoured of that drinks trolley ...

  4. That's hilarious—and tragic about the boxwoods! LOL:(

    I love orange, anywhere. Especially on that table, though.

  5. Oooo, orange for outside. Never would have thought... but I like!

  6. Hehehe... that's a riot! But, I do not judge. I can't keep a plant alive. Weekly flowers are all I can handle!

  7. Mater: Lately, we don't have the watering issue either.

    Wendy: Oh, it's all so easy from the cheap seats :-)

    tiffany: I know!

    E: Orange is a beautiful, cheerful outdoor element. Who would have thought it...

    Sewn: I know (see comment above). I always think of yellows and greens for outside. Now I'm starting to reconsider.

    Stacy: Weekly flowers are nothing to scoff at. You need to have vases and the ability to arrange and the will to throw them out past their prime!