Wednesday, May 19, 2010

That Time of Year

You may notice that I haven't written about sewing in the past couple of weeks. (Who knows, you might be grateful :-)). Thing is, between the travel and gardening and spring cleaning up (not to mention work), I haven't had a lot of free time. And who are we kidding, throw me a nice day and I am sitting in the back yard with a glass of wine and a magazine.

What? I'm only human and I live in CANADA. We get, like, 4 nice days a year and I intend to enjoy every last one.

Today was just such a day. The weather was perfect. I mean, 22 degrees celsius and sunny. Slightly breezy, in a warm way. Oh, it was a heavenly walk home.

When I was in Charlotte, land of climatic perfection, I forced my family to sit outside for hours. At one point, we all had such bad hay fever it was pitiful. But I WILL NOT WASTE temperate weather.

Having said all this, our May 2-4 weekend is looking like it may be a rainy dud. No mind (well, I mind tremendously, but like I said, I live in Canada. I'm a realist...), I will simply have to content myself with summer sewing projects. Fortunately, I have a few all lined up.

First on the list is Vogue 1179, a DKNY pattern that I got on sale for $3.99:

I just bought some great patterned fabric - a rayon jersey and a poly jersey. Either will work really well with this (I think). The pattern has 3 pieces and is Very Easy Vogue. Is it too much to hope that it actually will be very easy?

No doubt, I will let you know.

So what do you have planned for the long weekend??


  1. Why have I never noticed that dress pattern before? It's great!

  2. Great pattern and great colour. I'm sure even Very Easy Vogue would be beyond me these days, but keen to see how yours turns out!

  3. That's a great pattern -- can't wait to see the dresses you make, altho' I hope you don't get to work on it this long weekend 'cause you're too busy soaking up the sunshine. (my sister's in Winnipeg where it was apparently 30 degrees today -- they've earned it!)

  4. I demand photos of you in that dress after you make it. ;o)

  5. I had skipped over that dress pattern as well, and now am wondering why. I wish I would be sewing, but instead I will have house-guests and must engage in a pre-weekend frenzy of cleaning up and assembling some furniture after some major house re-arranging.

  6. Sewn: I debated getting it for 2 days and then decided to go for it. Then, it didn't show up on my shipped order (as if it were forgotten) and I couldn't get it out of my mind. When the package arrived yesterday, I was so happy. I suppose that means I really like it!

    Tiffany: I think sewing is like riding a bike. At least I hope it is! Give this one a try - it has 3 pieces...

    Mater: They def deserve it there. And I like to think we deserve it here too :-) I guess, either way it's ok...

    Monkey: Deal! :-)

    Mardel: It's still there for 3.99 and your shipping charges won't be the $8.00 it costs here. Snap it up. And hopefully you will have fun in the pool with your guests.

  7. I feel the same way about good weather. I've biked to work all week and am dying of exhaustion, but I refuse to take sunshine for granted!

    That dress is gonna be killer on you, doll.

  8. I feel there are only about four perfect days in NYC too!

  9. Happy early Victoria Day! I really like the dress you're going to make.

  10. Cette robe est très élégante j'adore le style.


  11. Sal: I do love it!

    Wendy: OK, but you are in NYC.

    Miss C: Thank you...

    Séréna: Merci beaucoup!