Saturday, May 1, 2010

Best and Worst

I started wondering, on my way to work today (while drinking my daily double dry from Ella's Uncle - the best coffee place in the city, IMO) about the texture of fabric and why I love some and dislike others.

It was a scarily long, convoluted mental conversation I had with myself...

As you probably know, my fave textiles are cashmere (woven or knit, but mostly knit) and dark blue denim (with a bit of stretch, 90 weight). But which ones don't I like at all? I'm loathe to suggest anything. Everytime I do, I find 3 examples of someone utterly chic, rocking a look, and I have to take it all back. But really, in general, I don't like linen or chambray.

I don't like the nub of linen, its tendency to wrinkle in the direction of any body part you'd prefer to downplay, it's stiffness (though I know it isn't all stiff). Chambray is just so dull and reminiscent of the '80s. It drapes terribly over breasts. Makes them look lumpen and matronly. Of course, cut contributes tremendously to the fabric challenges I'm referring to here. And I'm speaking of these fabrics specifically on me, and (in general) on others I've seen.

I'm just saying - you're not going to find me in a linen skirt and chambray blouse any time soon.

But how about you? Share with me your fabric fave and the one you will never wear. I'm curious to know.


  1. Love all forms of silk.

    Loathe corduroy!

  2. One of my favorite fabrics is cotton -- well, fiber actually. Do I sound like the commercial? I love coated cotton, cotton sheeting, poplin and fine gauge knit. It's all about the quality and size of the yarn because there is definitely some crappy cotton out there too.

    I will never wear -- Poly crepe.


  3. I love linen, because I am always too hot in summer. I tend to shy away from silk, because I don't like slippery fabrics.

  4. I hate the feeling of suede. I don't know why, but it just grosses me out.

  5. I dislike things that wrinkle easily, so linen is not my friend. Though I do like Shar-peis.

  6. I love silk, even though I have a tendency to rip the more delicate thinner varieties (when sitting down or moving too much).

    Generally, I try to avoid anything synthetic. Polyester often feels terrible, but unfortunately quite a few vintage clothes are 100% polyester. Natural fabrics are so much more comfortable, and your skin can actually breathe.

  7. Well I agree with you on the cashmere. There is no such thing as too much cashmere, and I am heading in the direction of dark blue denim love. I love a really good quality wool crepe, but there is a lot of poor-quality crepe around, super 100's, well, a lot of menswear suitings.

    I have long liked softer, washed linen, but think I am heading away from that look and chambray has never been my thing. You aren't going to find me in chambray or any kind of tailored linen.

  8. After I defend my dissertation next month, I'm going to buy a sewing machine and try to make myself a few skirts and do some simple alterations on some of my clothes, but I won't be tackling bras or chambray shirts for quite some time I'd imagine.

  9. Oh, I'm loving all the comments here. I had totally forgotten about so many fabric I either love or loathe!

    Skye: I know, corduroy is awful!

    Stacy: OK, cotton is great in that "old school" way :-)

    Miss C: Isn't it interesting how we are affected by texture. I actually like silk - but only the matte kind.

    Andrea: No to suede?! Although i have to admit, i don't own any suede at the moment...

    Wendy: Just don't be using those sharpeis to make clothes and it's all ok :-)

    Marina: I actually like poly - at least the vintage kind. There's something about it having stood the test of time that appeals. But I don't go out looking for it, I do agree...

    Mardel: How could I have forgotten good suit wool crepe?? That is a beautiful fabric.

    Dora: I can't wait to see what you make. Bras are optional!

  10. I have a chambray top that every time I wear it I feel at my MOST frumpy. You've got me wondering why I am keeping it.

  11. Cotton. I'm old school. And cheap. And I hate dry cleaning.

  12. Bel: I'm telling you, chambray is the WORST. Throw it out! :-)

    Stacey: Old school is good. And machine washable!

  13. I'm with you on the linen. Chambray is not a favourite either.

    LOVE silk in many forms.

    Hate Tafetta (however you spell it).

    Love fabrics that drape with a beautiful soft feel.

    Love cashmere.

  14. Imogen: Silk is great! Almost as good as cashmere...