Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mmmm Cake...

I promised to show you lovely, styled photos of last weekend's dessert and then we got all drunk and food-happy and we suctioned it down before I'd even considered snapping some shots.

Fortunately, I did get one of the chocolate bundt cake before the guests arrived:

The recipe (the one that came with my Williams Sonoma portable cake tin) called for a chocolate glaze - which seemed like total overkill. I mean, this thing has a cup of cocoa and a chocolate bar in it!? And a container of sour cream. Perhaps I should save this fact for my next tag but I really don't like sour cream. Note: I do make exceptions in cake. Other note: Don't use low fat sour cream - just don't. What's the freakin' point??

It has a very nice crumb - quite moist - but I find the chocolate a bit overwhelming. Which is where the strawberries and handmade ice cream came in.

Per my last post on the topic, I really do think I've figured out what works best - at least in the home machine. Lots of egg yolk and whole milk. And espresso.

I have to say it was a hit.


  1. I often forget to photograph food too, in the excitement (or is that greed?) of the moment. Besides, imagining what it looks like all dolled up is half the fun. And totally agree re not using low fat sour cream - it's a CAKE, for goodness sake.

  2. this looks so scrumptious! makes me want to bust out the baking pans and make some cupcakes and throw a party :)

    it's been a pretty tough month, i think cooking and surrounding myself with the company of friends will be a good thing indeed.

  3. I heart cake. When I grow up, I want to be made of cake.

  4. There is no way on earth that cake could be bad. It could, however, with the help of frosting be even better. I am more of a frosting gal than I am a cake gal.

  5. Tiffany: It is definitely greed!

    Fab and Kate: Merci!

    Wendy: Not gold??

    Bel: Really, with frosting it would be too heavy. As it is, I got a diabetic rush after eating a slice. Quickly, admittedly.

  6. Sophie: I'm sorry the month has been so tough. I hate those times! But just keep on. It will get better. Having friends, some cake (I mean, just go to Magnolia and get cupcakes!) and some prosecco can make a great party.