Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Believe Everything You Read

I haven't been able to get the denim leggings debacle out of my mind. Maybe it's all of the hope I invested in this - particularly practical - garment. Maybe it's the fact that I did a ton of work and it sucked in the end and I don't know if I should blame myself or the pattern.

Who cares? Well, I do. Because if the pattern sucks, I should warn everyone away from it and throw it to the curb. However, if this is about me sucking, then I should suck it up and try again.

Don't you love how many times I've managed to say suck in this post so far?

Here's where I'm at on the hamster-wheel of my mind: I've got to make them again. And this time I have to make the small.

I put the Kwik Sew pair against my Guido and Mary's (so close to the end, my friends), and saw that the KS's are about 2 inches wider (an each on each outer seam). Interestingly, the crotch length and depth (inasmuch as one can tell in reviewing finished garments, which is difficult) seems similar on each.

But there's no way I would have done this at start of the project - hell, I'm still reluctant - because the waist on the small is supposed to be 26 inches. Which, needless to say, mine is not. Having said all this, have you ever seen a pair of too-large denim leggings with an elastic (rather than yoked "jeans") waist? OMG - it's like something out of Golden Girls. SO HORRIBLE! Somehow baggy and bulge-revealing, all at the same time, in all of the wrong places.

It was almost enough to make me feel bad about myself.

But don't take my word for it. Please, someone else make these and do a post on sizing and issues and guide me on my path.

Pioneering is such hard work.


  1. Commiserations on the bad sewing daying, but I'm positive you'll nail it second time round. I have seen jeggings that are leggings with denim coloured jersey, and elasticated waist. Also denim coloured jersey cut and sewn like jeans with pockets zip etc. These are more flattering in my opinion. I think it depends how much stretch there is in the fabric. Lots of stretch equals lots of bulge :p

  2. Like you, I tend to persevere with a pattern rather than trashing it---I suppose I'm afraid the next one will have the same (or it's own) issues and I'll be back at square one. I think for a very practical pattern like this it's worth finding a great one, because once you have it fitted right it will be quick and oh, so useful. Good luck with the small!

  3. You are my hero for soldiering on. I would have given up and hit the Gap long ago.

  4. I know it must have been a faulty pattern. Have you considered a legging patter from one of the big 4 pattern companies???

  5. jade: I actually have both types of fabric. I may try the other...

    Tanit: That's what it is. Once you begin the "let it slide" pattern, it's tough to get back in the groove.

    Stacey: You are too kind. And the Gap is on my list for later this week. Let's call it "inspiration" :-)

    Faye: I haven't - I may try that next, but I suspect I'm more interested in a jeans pattern made with stretchier denim than a leggings pattern made with less stretchy denim (if you know what I mean.)

    Wendy: You know I will, honey.

  6. The denim I used for my stretch jeans is from Fabricland and has a LOT of stretch (something like 40%), but still works well for the skinny jeans. Not sure if that's the look you want, or if you're after something more sleek and legging-like, in which case I'd stick to the leggings pattern. Speaking of which I know I've seen tutes for making your own leggings pattern, if this one does end up being too much of a pain.

  7. Hello, my favorite sewing pioneer. I know you will figure this one out.

    How's the foot?

  8. Since you can't stop your mind from going over it all again and again in a kind of maze of determination I know you will get through it and figure it out. I don't know why it doesn't surprise me that the KS are bigger than your Guido and Mary's, but I guess it just confirms my general experience. Soldier on and good luck with the Gap, but that part I'm confident about.

  9. Tanit: I wonder if we're using the same stuff from FL. Mine feels about the same.

    Susan: I feel I should be wearing a prairie skirt :-) Foot update follows...

    M: In the end this is not such a bad pattern (see next posts). Mind you, if you were to make them, you'd need to add 4 inches to the bottom, no question.