Sunday, January 16, 2011

Updated: So Much for Kwik

This morning, well rested, I started to cut the denim leggings pattern.

Back story: I bought the original stretch denim a while ago, then on Thursday, discovered I didn't have enough (or it was going to be exceedingly close, anyway). Friday evening I went out to get another batch of (different gauge) indigo stretch denim but the store only had 2 yards of it left. That was .5 less than the pattern called for, but .25 of a yard more than I had with the other denim. And, when I did sizing (given my "non-tallness"), that would be enough.

When I got home, I noticed 3 puncture wounds in the fabric, about 1/8 yard from the selvedge. Ugh. However, given my frugal smarts, I even figured out, with careful placement, how I could avoid that piece of the fabric.

All was well.

Until I (having reviewed that placement no less than 3 times - you don't fuck around when you have issues) realized that I still managed to set up the fabric wrong - entirely wrong - vis a vis the punctures.

So now the ass of these (super close fitting) denim leggings has 3 small holes. Did I mention I've already spent hours on the pattern and the fabric sourcing and the cutting??

I have come up with one more potential solution - presuming it will work once these babies are in 3D. I've drafted a pocket to sit over the holey part. Alas, pockets can only go in certain spots without looking insane, and I don't know if these holes are going to place themselves within that zone.

Not to mention the fact that I've never done a pocket and I have no idea of how to assemble it. I have to assume one places the pocket before sewing the side seams but I don't know where, specifically, to put it. I guess I'll have to baste the seams, see where everything goes, undo the basting, affix the pocket (once I figure that out) and sew things up again.

And I thought this would be a fast project.

Did I mention that there's no guarantee this garment is going to fit, even if the holes are made invisible?

Take the long view, Krissie. Take the long view.

Update: So I finished these and I have to say, they're horrible. Like leggings more than jeans. I'm going to give them another chance - do a bit more work on the front crotch depth - but I'm not particularly hopeful.

Here's what I had to do to get them to this (less-ill fitting) but still unlovely stage:
  • 2 inch crotch length shortening
  • removal of fabric (though not enough) from front crotch
  • removal of fabric (though not enough) from back leg below crotch and above knee
You know, sometimes you should just cut the smaller size and start again. I made a medium and it was way too big almost everywhere. Now I've altered the shit out of it and it's still not small enough - but weird-of-shape.

I think, in my next try I'll a) cut the small and b) adjust the crotch length and depth according to my current version - maybe just removing a bit more fabric from the front crotch area.

I can't say I love the way the elastic is sewn on. To be honest, I can't say I love the idea of elastic at all. I might try to draft a waistband. (Though that might be a third try alteration, if the second appeals. I don't want to waste my time unnecessarily).

Oh, and my pocket would have been great - I did manage to cover the holes, amazingly, but I have learned you need to sew it so it's parallel with the waist. Otherwise it will look warped and stupid.

Oh well. So much for a good sewing day.


  1. RE: Vogue dress, the draping had nothing at all to do with me. It was all in the design of that pattern. Wish I could take the credit (lol).

  2. Oh My! I'm at a loss. But I'm cheering you on.

  3. Butterflies, little embroidered butterfly patches on your bum.

  4. I hate it when I'm excited about a project and everything seems to go wrong.
    You have my moral support, for what it's worth!

  5. I've never made a thing but wouldn't it be better to put them on once finished then you will get pockets in the right place. I have so many jeans with pockets halfway down my legs, it's crazy!

  6. Mardel: While I appreciate it, it may not be enough for these pants :-)

    Anon: Hilarious!

    Paunnet: Thank you! It is so frustrating, taking on a project that doesn't seem to pan out. I'm trying to be philosophical - and maybe even to try again, but I had high hopes for these...

    Fab: The challenge is getting the fabric through the machine. It's easier to stitch something onto your fabric when it's still flat. Once the seams are sewn, the 3 dimensionality of the bum makes placement easier, but sewing much harder.

  7. Oh, that just stinks. It's happened a few times to me. Perhaps the pattern just isn't working for you? Or just isn't a good pattern?

  8. Oh, man, I totally want to see some insane pocketage! Sorry to read in the end this iteration was a bust.

  9. Oh God, I hate these kind of days. It's all part of the learning curve though... you won't make these little mistakes again and you also discover new ways to work things out.

    Maybe we can have a quick draping session in NYC :)

  10. Sewn: Not willing to give up yet. But I want to :-)

    R: There is NO way I'm showing these pants of shame. You'll have to wait for the next iteration :-)

    Stacy: I know. I have to take the long view. A draping session would be SO FANTASTIC! I would love that.