Monday, January 10, 2011

Get a Leg Up

Meet Kwik Sew 3807:

This is one of the most exciting patterns I've ever come across - if only for its sheer wearability in my particular wardrobe.

And it just arrived at my door today! Seriously, there is no garment I don more happily (or, potentially, more frequently) than denim leggings. With tunic tops, big sweaters, asymmetric cardigans - they're fantastic. Warmer (and edgier) than tights or "regular" leggings, they fit like a glove, but with substance.

I am happy to be the guinea pig for this pattern - as I can't seem to find any reviews...

For those taking notes: Contrary to my usual "one-at-a-time" protocol, I am currently working on 3 sewing projects simultaneously - the Pendrell top, these denim leggings and the bra. (Some new lingerie supplies arrived today, and while they're great, I think I may have to alter the size of the wires. Fortunately, I have had excellent service - and superior product - from Dini at Danglez.)

I'm intrigued to see how I'm going to manage a busy period at work and a truly full sewing schedule. Happily, I'm very engaged by all of it, so how bad can it be?


  1. Where do you get your stretch denim? All the stuff they have at my Fabricland looks... tawdry at best.

  2. With these leggings you won't need skinny jeans, which always look so uncomfortable to me.

  3. Jennine from The Coveted keeps trying to get me into jeggings but it's not working! I'd need all new tops because I don't have anything long enough!

  4. Oh, these pants rock!

  5. birdmommy: My FabricLand (downtown TO) is pretty good for denim, actually. Esp. the stretch kind. I can also find it (with less consistency, at least so far) at King Textiles and World Sew. So much is just turning up when the shipment comes in...

    Susan: They look practically the same - I actually find denim leggings to be more attractive on one's frame than skinny jeans because, for most of us, they skim the bulgy parts. Less stretchy denim can't do that as well.

    Wendy: Come over to the dark side. Or should I say, indigo. Really, you will never go back. On this trend, I was an early adopter.

    Sewn: Thanks!