Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not Half Bag

Here's what I'm sewing when I'm not sewing the other thing I should be sewing*:

Today, I realized I would need a case for my Mac Air sooner than imagined (more on that to follow), so I was shopping Etsy with abandon. Finally Scott said: Why don't you just make one?, whereupon I worked actively to come up with excuses against, each one of which he summarily shot down.

To his credit, he generously helped me to construct a simple (rectangular pattern) envelope. And I have to say, you know you are freakin' sewing obsessed, when you have fusible batting (for padding), 2 types of denim fashion fabric, and numerous lining options at your fingertips. Not to mention, 8 varieties of snaps, in 2 different sizes, and a fancy little gizmo to affix them. Note: For lining, I actually went with some patterned cotton lawn that I bought for 4 bucks a yard on mega sale at FabricLand about a year ago. (Still have another 2.5 yards, but why is it sitting there gathering dust, I ask you??)

I struggled with the edges of the envelope fold over, you'll probably notice they're makeshift. But my lining idea and execution worked perfectly - and I am NO expert on lining. This thing is so nicely finished on the inside, it's practically reversible! It fits the computer perfectly, though I'm not sure how much actual support it will provide. Having said this, based on my research, I don't think it will provide much more than anything I could have bought online... I'm hoping it will work when I pack it in a (fairly formless) day bag.

I'm really impressed with what we managed to create with some ingenuity and a stocked cupboard. It's like cooking up a feast for guests you aren't expecting - what a spontaneous joy.

*Note that I have traced and cut the paper pattern for the Pendrell blouse, and I've cut the muslin. In a totally weird twist of necessity, I used up 1 yard of 2 different types of fabric ends with the required drape (the ones I used to make the Sencha blouses), to make up one muslin for this. I imagine it's going to look totally wacky, even if it does fit. Or very avant garde :-)


  1. That looks great! What's the makeshift part again?

  2. Well, even if it doesn't provide much support it will at least provide impact cushioning, which I think is the main function of covers like these. Although I can't for sure attribute it to the soft cover, my first, caseless ipod touch was dead within four months, while my second (which I got a soft rubber sleeve for) has lasted a full two years and is still going strong, and I like to imagine the cushioning has helped with that. Though I probably drop it more than you will drop your airbook ;)

    I am very excited to see your pendrell! :)

    ... dare I ask how the bra project goes?... ;)

  3. Peter: If I meet you in NY over fashion week (I think I may tag along on your date with Sally, if that's ok with you two), I'll be sure to show you the makeshift part. Photos can be kind!

    Tanit: I'm really intrigued to see how the Pendrell is going to come together. I can see already that it's a very well drafted pattern. Let's see how that translates onto my body type.

    And no, don't ask about the bra. I'm still waiting for certain notions - and I may have cut some things to the slightly wrong (i.e. too small) size - neglecting cut off seam allowances on the cup seaming. And I've still got to replace some band elastic. So it was all get up and go and now it's a smidge of stall. But I am getting ever closer...

  4. You are so stylish, you constantly amaze me.

  5. Yay! Those utilitarian sewing projects are satisfying, aren't they? I wanted to use snaps on mine, but was worried about the stress if pressing the snaps into the computer to close - how does it feel on yours? I couldn't tell exactly where the snaps sit.

    I think I'm going to do the Pendrell too - although maybe not as a sew along.

  6. Any chance you are going to branch out into iPad covers? If not, I am going to have to head over to Etsy and see if they have anything half as lovely as this.

  7. This is really fantastic! I love that it has snaps!

  8. Thanks so much, everyone!

    Patty: I attached the inner snaps (the ones that would scratch the computer) inside the lining. Well, my husband did. It was a bitch trying to get those snaps to the bottom of the envelope (which is where they sit before you fold everything in half...

    Bel: You know, so many people have asked me to make them one of these since I posted this. I'm considering doing a little assembly line and, if I do, you are first on the list of recipients! But, in the meanwhile, you should run over to Etsy. Those people have great options - and they're in stock xo