Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eeeek and Bitch

OK, peeps, my dress form arrived and it's fab (on first glance), despite the fact that my careful management of delivery (based on challenges I'd have with FedEx in Canada if it arrived on any day other than a Wed. - the day my husband usually works from home) failed because I have to conclude that somebody at Fabulous Fit was not paying careful attention.

Miraculously, on a whim my husband opted to work from home today, Tuesday, expecting a winter storm, so he was here when the package arrived. Otherwise, it's likely it would have gone to the warehouse and I'd have had a challenging time (for many boring logistical reasons) getting it to my home without picking it up. Fetching a 40 lb. dress form from a far-away location without a car is not in my list of "near future life plans". Knowing this, I carefully researched all the contingency challenges that could arise before buying this thing. Flawless delivery was that important to me.

To start with, given the cost of the item, I imagined that the manufacturer might have done that delivery research on my behalf. After all, isn't some complement of its client base in Canada? Isn't it relevant to them? Alas, I was on my own with that task... I accept that.

However, I don't accept - after all of my careful instruction and numerous conversations about shipping with the vendor, during which I explicated the challenges of delivery as recently as Friday, and my need to be kept directly in the loop - that they would nonetheless ship this thing without consulting me.

I know all's well that ends well - and I'm not commenting on the product, which I've scarcely had a chance to get acquainted with. It was very well packaged, I will say that. And it looks just like a dress form should.

I'm just rather pissed that I spent so much energy to ensure a smooth outcome, and it merely worked by accident. I can't say I'm overwhelmed by the client service - though I didn't expect much, knowing what I do about delivery to Canada from the US.

I promise next post on this will include a detailed inventory of its many wonderful features. (And, totally unrelated, a number of you have been, so caring in asking about my foot recovery. I didn't want to bore you with more posts on that topic, but I will do a recap in the next couple of days.


  1. That's annoying! Though I have to admit I'm very leery of anything ordered from the states that's delivered by courier. I once had a package from a friend, (a gift, of no particular commercial value, in a box less than a foot square) arrive with $70 in brokerage fees. WTF? Glad it worked out at least, and I'm excited to find out how it goes together for you. :)

  2. well i am glad it arrived safely! this kind of thing is so aggravating! i lose my mind if i miss a delivery (particularly when i plan properly and things manage to fall apart on the shipper or seller end -- grr!).

    hope that foot is healing up nicely!

  3. I've been wondering about that foot!

  4. i am amazed at your sewing adventures and have been pining for a proper dress form myself for some time...though i don't have the heavy-duty sewing habit to warrant one (yet?). with you on being irked at customer service that don't follow instructions. but as a professor said last semester, life is full of contingencies that make the world go 'round :P

  5. I definitely want to hear a foot update. Does the dress form have a name? Is it K-line?

  6. I definitely think you should name the dress form, and show us a picture.

    I had no idea there were issues regarding delivery to Canada from the US.

  7. I had the opposite problem with FedEx recently - we specifically asked that we come to the warehouse to pick up the item in question (a stupidly expensive racing bike). What did the chuckleheads from FedEx do? Leave it on my front porch - with a big FedEx sticky on my front door so that people going by on the sidewalk could tell that FedEx had left us something (on the off chance they didn't see the huge box). It was amazing that the bike was still there when I got home - I guess the people in my neighbourhood who routinely break into cars don't know anything about bikes!

  8. Tanit: Oh, I've had that experience. What's the deal?? Don't we have some free trade??

    Droll and Wendy: Thanks so much. I promise that follow up post is on the way...

    Sophie: I think I'd like that prof! And just wait till your habit overtakes your sanity. That's the best time to invest in this kind of thing :-)

    Bel: It doesn't have a name yet. I'm giving it a lot of thought. Some ideas so far: Coco, Amelia and Jean (after my dressmaker great aunt).

    Susan: The shipping usually ends up being such a pain. For this form, I paid 150.00 in shipping before duty.