Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Ending

I'm supa busy at work right now but I have to show you my latest Figleaves purchase. It finally arrived after a shipping debacle the likes of which one only sees during mercury retrograde (if one believes in that sort of thing and, after dozens of like irritants, who wouldn't really?)

Panache Sienna

In brief, this bra (and its matching undies) has been a long time coming. Like over a month. With lots of twists and turns and emails back and forth with Customer Service and admissions of error and declining to expedite replacement shipping etc. Let me say that, on balance, I still have the utmost respect for Figleaves, but this irksome scenario has sucked the joy out of the perfect online bra shopping experience. It was bound to happen eventually I suppose, but I really hope we go back to "yay, it fits!" status quo on next purchase.

The shortie undies are totally adorable - and fit beautifully - as does the balconette bra. Note: In the photo above, the bra looks more "full cup" than balconette, but it is deliciously cut to highlight one's decollete. I don't know if that bra is in a larger size or if it just fits that woman differently than my bra fits me. I'm just saying that this is one to run out and buy. They've already sold out once...

The satiny pink underlining, with delicate lace atop, is totally appealing to the vixen in me.

I'm so grateful to try on a bra that didn't take me 14 hours to make and then turned out to look crappy.

All's well that ends well, don't you agree?


  1. Soon you'll be producing non-crappy bras in no time! Practice makes perfect :-)

  2. I agree with Wendy but this is devine!
    Oh, remember when you asked how many bras we had? I have three that fit me now. Three.

  3. That's what's annoying about online bra shopping. Picture doesn't match the description or the model just looks wrong in it. It's stopped me from buying more than once.

  4. I agree with Wendy too, but that bra is totally divine.

  5. Lovely!! Love that bra. That pink underlining makes it.

  6. Good choice and practice does make perfect xx

  7. Gah, it's gorgeous! And so glad it fits.

    Seriously, will this retrograde never end? I'm ready to do someone a harm.

  8. I must get myself to TO and go lingerie shopping avec toi. Online or otherwise.

  9. so pretty! i've ordered from figleaves before w/ no problems at all. sorry to hear about your issues w/ customer service. hopefully the end result (a beautiful new bra) will kind of balance things out. sound like that's the case.

  10. Wendy: And now I"m sourcing a teacher :-)

    Heather: That's a travesty. Totally shoemaker's children.

    Raven: If only the deals weren't so much better than bricks and mortar retail...

    Mardel: Ain't it great?

    Bel: It's pink and a bra and I own it. What a surprise!

    Kate: Thanks!

    Sally: Just hold on...

    Miss C: We can even have fun remotely. Let me know if you want to do some virtual shopping sometime.

    SO: Usually I have excellent luck. This time just didn't go smoothly... (Still love them though.)

  11. Very pretty bra, glad you finally got it!

  12. Fab: Me too. What a production that was. You can order it fast and easy though, in UK!

    Corrine: Isn't it?! You can buy it too.