Monday, September 20, 2010

You Can Take the Girl Out of Toronto...

Rather amusingly, today when I was looking through Apartment Therapy in my reader, I came upon this:

I thought to myself: Wow, that's a nice room in a totally real way. It's not matchy, it's not "perfect". The colours are lively, the decor eclectic.
And then I opened the actual post and discovered it's a place down the block from me. OK, not entirely down the block - maybe 2 km away - but you get the point. The house is entirely the same vintage as mine. In truth, I like my house better (it is my house after all), but it's amusing that the photo caught my eye for its existential familiarity.


  1. That is amusing! It's kind of validating, too. You have such great taste, K.

  2. Huh, how interesting. And voyeuristic!

  3. I want to live in that room. And, you know what?Iit seems doable. I could add some of those elements to my room. I am inspired.
    p.s. One element of my space that is better than theirs is the dog. My dog is more decor friendly, white looks good with everything.;-)

  4. This room makes me happy -- and I recognize elements I have in my home, despite their very different styles -- I love the coloured wall, the comfy furniture, the vibrant patterns, the dominant art -- this looks like a room that really gets lived in!
    More and more, I'm confronted with how much I am NOT a minimalist!

  5. love this - i think it's the colour on the back wall

  6. E: Why thank you!!

    Sewn: I'm nothing if not a voyeur. And an exhibitionist.

    Bel: That's what I love. It is doable!

    mater: I like to be a minimalist without being overly modernist. That's my scene :-) But I do need comfort.

    Pink: I know, isn't it great!