Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wiggle Room

Here's the finished Vogue 8413 retro dress:

Of course, it doesn't help that I made it using the worlds most flammable fabric (Note the synthetic, see-through shot? Nice!) - I like to call it "space aged" and contend that it's authentic retro cloth. In fact, it's just really cheap ponte double knit I found for $5.95/yd on I don't know why I thought this would be a successful purchase.

Only in a way, it was. See, I didn't care a whit about wrecking this fabric as I was making the dress. It functioned, in my mind, as expendable (potentially wearable) muslin. And, even as I was constructing the dress (and realized that it was going to work very nicely on my frame), I went to FabricLand and bought some lovely orange ponte double knit for $16.00/yd, which will actually make a beautiful garment.

Some thoughts:
  • No FBA (full bust adjustment) required. Mardel said something so smart, when I emailed to inquire how it could be that some posts mentioned that the pattern fit huge in the bodice and others indicated it was tiny. She suggested that the people who thought it was tiny were likely actually (accidentally) cutting the pattern piece on the grain when the instructions note to cut it on the bias (which is a pain in the ass, btw).]
  • I cut it on the bias and it fit beautifully. What drape! It's def. got 38.5" in the bust. If I'd FBA'd it, it would have been too large. If I'd cut it on the grain, it would most certainly have been to tight.
  • I actually think the sizing on this piece is fantastic. The fact that you get 6, rather different from one another, dresses with this pattern (each cuter than the last) - and the sizing is terrific - means that everyone should run out and sew this.
  • I did have to cut 4" off the bottom just to get it to knee-length. Why does Vogue make the skirts so long?
  • The instructions are very clear, if not quick, and I think it's about as simple as a "tailored" dress can get.
  • What I lack in natural "zipper insert" talent, I make up for with pleats! Seriously, check them out.


  1. OH I'm so happy that it worked out. And there is a lot to be said for cutting into a fabric that doesn't make you gasp at the thought of wrecking it.

  2. OK. That's it. I INSIST on seeing these finished pieces on you instead of on the hanger!

  3. Cool! Even in this fabric, the dress looks great -- I'd also love to see it on you and I look forward to seeing the orange one -- the dark colour's a bit hard to really appreciate in a hanging photo.

  4. Great dress and I love the neckline. Can you model it please.

  5. Peeps: I'm sorry that the photos just don't show anything. The lighting is very hard to capture with dark colours.

    Mardel: I know! It was so stress-free.

    Monkey: Thank you!

    Sal: Will you take my coat muslin photos as collateral?

    mater: The orange is really going to show the details nicely. Not that I'm counting my chickens before they hatch :-)

    Belle: I know, I'm a terrible photo poster lately. I spend all of my energy on the weekend in a pair of sweatpants sewing. And the weekdays are just a blur.