Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here's the Pencil Skirt

You know, the one you're supposed to say you can't find a flaw in? To make it easier for you, I'm only posting shots that make it look as flaw-free as possible...

You know it's rough when I spend a free evening (kid and husband out) posting about sewing rather than actually doing it :-)

Fun fact: When I bought the fabric and lining, the woman who cut them for me told me she thought the lining was utterly hideous and that it would look terrible with the taupe fashion fabric. "Big waste of Bemberg" was how she put it. Ha! I think they look fantastic together.


  1. I love those colors together. It looks like a perfect fall pencil skirt to me. That lady is crazy. Also, what flaws? Fabulous job! :)

  2. Who cares what the lady who cuts the fabric thought. Its your skirt; it is supposed to make you happy. And they do look fabulous together.

    Great skirt. Congratulations!

  3. That looks fabulous! Very neat darts, I notice, and I love the way that lining complements the skirt fabric.

  4. I can't believe she said that. Actually, I can. It's amazing. What's it to her? Too funny. Glad you did what you wanted anyway. Can't wait to see it on.

  5. Wow all I can say is YOU ARE TOTALLY TALENTED!! All the patience it takes to sew bras and these projects you take on.. I am totally inspired. And YES, wine always helps :)

  6. Very nice! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the process. That lady was wrong about the colors.

  7. Jesus Christ, what's with people sharing their unwanted and WRONG opinions! The color is great.

  8. Lovely skirt. If I was to be evil, I would say that the fabric lady was jealous of your awesome fabric pairing. And she probably can't sew....

  9. This looks great! And I like the colors, too. I can't believe that woman said that. Who asked her?!

  10. Beautiful! I can't believe that lady made an editorial comment! And she was obv. wrong . . .

  11. Andrea: Thank you! She was crazy.

    Mardel: Thank you! I don't really care. I thought it was more funny than distressing. And rude!

    Monkey: I have to. But I've been so remiss with the photos lately.

    Mater: Thank you for noticing the darts!!

    Myrna: Everybody's got an opinion...

    Jodi: What a lovely compliment. Thank you.

    Susan: Sometimes I worry that my complaints about the process are going to make everyone want to smack me :-)

    Wendy: Isn't it rich?!!?

    SS: You are too kind! But you know, she did admit to me that she doesn't sew. So you called that right.

    Sewn: Thank you. Sometimes people are just full of opinions :-)

    Miss C: I want to go back there and show her! But she'll probably just tell me it's ugly like she thought it would be :-)