Thursday, September 23, 2010

Malaised and Confused

You know those months when you can't take a good picture?

Well, I find myself in the midst of a "questionable photo quarter". All the fun and it lasts longer.

Nonetheless, I feel badly that I make all these clothes (which I'm super proud of or horrified by) and I make you listen to the full construction story and then show you a flat photo on a hanger. Or one of a muslin.

So here's my Vogue Very Easy jacket. (The skirt I made recently in herringbone is the bottom that goes with it though, obvs, I made them as separates.) I can't believe I made it 6 months ago! I sure have come a long way (as a sewist if not as a model).

Here's as much of me as I can bear to reveal...

Why am I wearing a Gap T with a fancy jacket?? It's some wacky kind of dress down thing I thought would work... And don't you love that smile? It says "Mona Lisa, I'm going to give you a run for your closed-mouth, wan-smile sensibility." Seriously, did I just compare myself to the Mona Lisa???
Oh, and apparently I need a haircut.


  1. And why not wear a gap tee with a fancy jacket? Love the quirky knowing smile (and the jacket on you of course).

  2. Ah you've been going great guns. A great jacket and you've made it!! i noticed the tension is probably too tight on the joining seams because your others (hemming/edging and shoulders) are perfect. I used to do the same and I think it was because I'd either pull too much or too little.
    It is a lovely colour as well xx

  3. Yay! So glad to see your creations on actual YOU. Sorry to hear you're fighting with the camera for the time being. It'll pass, beautiful, I promise.

  4. That jacket is so cute. And I know that feeling of fighting the camera -- although I have to say that back view is a very cute shot, especially with the garden path (I think) just discernible in front.

  5. Well I think I can understand you and your fighting with the camera...
    And what a great jacket, dear!!! You've come a long way, for sure.
    All the best, beautiful you.


  6. All that may be true, but your hiney is finey!


    You look greater than you give yourself credit for.

    It's nice to hear that your sewing is advancing and that you're still happy doing it after all the trials and tribulations. Remember your forays into the World of Bras? Dang, I really couldn't believe you took those on so early in your sewing career, let alone at ALL!

    It's nice to see your work and how happy you are with it.

    (Thanks for your nice comment about my faffing about what to write. I'm grateful that I found you in the blogging world, K. You have always been a positive influence on me.)

  7. It is sooooooo chic. Congrats. It is gorgeous. Where was I when you went so blond? Did I miss something??
    Sorry the camera is misbehaving. But from what I see you look LOVELY as ALWAYS.

  8. Go girl! You are pumping these out!

  9. Mardel: Thanks!

    Kate: You are so right! I didn't notice that until I saw the photo...

    Sal: You never have those phases! :-)

    mater: Thanks! I do love that element of the photo.

    Monkey: I blush!

    Seeker: Thank you!

    E: Why thank you. You get comment of the week! You know I am hanging in limbo with those bras. I can't let it beat me but I'm def not there yet. So I have to take joy in the other projects :-) Can't wait to see where you're blog goes next. Maybe you would like to tell us more about the S. Lomman dress you sponsored? I'd love to hear about it!

    Bel: There's this weird phenomenon with my hair that happens all the time. Every day, at least 3 people ask me when my hair got so blond and, seriously, it's been almost 2 years! And I've got hideous roots right now. I think I must be channeling my inner blonde :-)

    Stacy: I'm going for my own line :-)