Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Love This...

I don't do much Sartorialist-promotion. I do read the blog daily, but I find the general attitude off-putting. Nonetheless, I couldn't fail to show you these shots from the latest Paul Smith collection:

Photos: Sartorialist
How elegant is this?? I love the nod to the forties and the subdued, but rich, colours. See how the model stands upright in these statuesque clothes? Notice - while very slender - how she doesn't look as if she's about to keel over from hunger.
This is my kind of look.


  1. I'm SO with you. Those layered belts? Divine.

  2. Outfit # 2 is VERY chic. But wowza, it would only work on a tall glass of carrot juice like that lovely, if somewhat hungry, model.

  3. Love the layered belts if one has the waist for it. The bottom look is elegance itself, but only if one already possesses the elegant slender line called for.

  4. I love the color of the first outfit.. so rich and beautiful.. and the double belts are totally cute...!

  5. Hey K.Line,
    I've nominated you for an award on my blog and hope you accept it! I love your blog and just wanted to express my admiration in such a way. If you don't accept it I understand as well. Take Care ~

  6. The 2nd one makes me want pumpkin pie.

  7. I love the clothes and colors but agree with LBR -- the models look hungry.

  8. I link to Sart but haven't read him in a couple of months. Too much men's wear for me. (I know he's recently turned to women again.) Am loving those Paul Smith shoes. Proper and edgy all in one.

  9. Hey peeps: Srsly, I don't think the model looks hungry. Really slim, but I wouldn't have posted the photos if I had that concern. Of course, your feedback is illuminating so I'm going to reconsider why I don't...

    Sal: Oh, I know!

    Bel: The colour would look great with your hair!

    Mardel: Don't you think you could create a version that would suit your frame? I want to create a version to suit mine - which is infinitely more diff from the model's than yours is!

    Jodi: That colour thrills me.

    Victoria: You are such a sweetie! I've left a comment on your blog too. Will write up something intriguing, I hope.

    Wendy: That's fair.

    Susan: See my comment at top. I hear you...

  10. simple, sleek and chic. i love it!

    and three cheers for models that aren't emaciated!

  11. THANK YOU for looking at my muslin. Would you please explain exactly what you did to shorten the bodice and the bottom of the coat that eliminated the wrinkles/pooling? Did you make an entirely new muslin after making the adjustments on your pattern?

    You can email me if you like: fayedoll@cox.net
    or post on my blog: fayessewingadventure.blogspot.com.

    Your help will be appreciated!

  12. droll: we're on the same page here!

    Faye: Not sure if you saw my post about this (sorry if it wasn't clear) and then my feedback on the flickr site)? Let me know if you want to talk about this some more...