Thursday, September 9, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

The reason you haven't heard more about sewing lost long weekend project three (Vogue 8413), is that it's still not finished. I know you're shocked by this admission.

OK, it's actually fairly close to being finished but an obnoxious half-day power-out on Monday really killed my momentum. Not to mention that it ate into the time remaining to finish the dress.

What's left to accomplish is easing the pleated bodice into the darted skirt at the waistline, adding an invisible zipper and then hemming the skirt. A long-time sewist could probably finish that in an hour. I don't know how long it will take me but I need to be rested before I tackle it.

Though I was going to take a break from sewing this weekend, I imagine I'll finish this and then trace the coat pattern for the Lady Gray Sew Along. I mean, it's not going to trace itself. I'm intrigued to learn that Gertie is a cutter, not a tracer. I was so not a tracer till I wrecked (by cutting) a chichi pattern and the Presbyterian in me couldn't deal with the waste. Weird, given I was raised Catholic. Note: I did feel guilty as well as wasteful!

Now it occurs to me that I can make the garment in other sizes, should I ever decide to sew for someone else. Of course, how I'm ever going to find time to sew for someone else given my current schedule and level of disinterest is beyond me, but you never know.

To follow up on the imperfect pencil skirt, I'm actually really liking it now. I wore it yesterday and discovered that the lining has stretched (somehow) and I will need to press the hem up and stitch it shorter. But the fit is much better than I originally understood. It's not as fitted as some things I wear, but it's really comfortable and it doesn't look loose, even as it gives me some breathing space. With flat boots, it's rather flattering. Oh, and I did match up those chevrons freakin' perfectly! See, sometimes I'm an enabler of perfection :-)

I say, take what you can get.