Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Deep Thoughts

I'm writing this on the sexy little keyboard that comes with the iPad.

Don't get all excited about it. Somehow, it's not my iPad; it's my husband's. In truth, it's his birthday in 2 weeks and he's "getting a head start". Magnanimously, I'm testing it out for him :-) All weekend. I'm generous that way.

Today I am 40 so, in my wise crone way, I'd like to leave you with a couple of thoughts:

At this milestone age you are old enough to be taken seriously. But still hot.

(Oh, and it beats the hell out of the alternative.)

I am so grateful for so many things right now: I have health and a cute, intelligent, increasingly-independent kid and a great place to live in a lively city. I have amazing friends and a wonderful husband who arranged for my parents to come here from NC yesterday as a surprise. Apparently the surprises may continue!? I am starting a new job on Monday (same organization, new role) and I'm really hopeful it's going to add breadth to my professional experience. I belong to an amazing community of bloggers whose posts, and friendship, enrich my life on a daily basis, I have the luxury of time and adequate resources, which allow me to explore my creativity in new ways all the time. I can pay off my credit card and buy dinner at a nice restaurant (using cash!). Seriously, what's not to love?

I know that this is a moment in time and I try to spend every day acknowledging the capricious nature of things, feeling gratitude for the state of grace in which I find myself.

Just for kicks, if you feel like it, today spend 1 minute thinking about the thing you are most happy about in your life and send that happiness out into the world around you. Then have a fancy drink and a yummy snack and enjoy.


PS: Given that my new job starts next week, it's possible (though not a given) that posts may be sporadic or comments light on the ground. I'll be back in the swing as soon as possible.


  1. Ooh Happy Birthday lovely lady! Have a great weekend X

  2. Happy Birthday Croutie!!!

    Your post made me cry...

    I wish I could be there too!!

    ~Allison xoxoxo

  3. Great post, K. I love that I know you and your fabulous family and life. Good times.

  4. Have a wonderful birthday. The forties are FABULOUS. Enjoy.

  5. I have lots of things to be grateful for at 44. One of the best is being a part of this blogging community. I might not be the most active member of our ranks, but I definitely am happy to be counted among the numbers that include you, K.

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy life.


  6. Happy Birthday! Lovely to read such a positive post for your 40th.

  7. My Dear Young Lady: If you are cronish at 40, what am I at sixty-one? Ornery, opinionated, passionate, creative, lazy, inquisitive--all the things I was at forty and twenty, and probably, two. Enjoy the day and moment. BTW, the drink sounds like a fine idea to me! Happy, Happy Birthday!

  8. Wishing you an incredible birthday and for all those good things in your life to continue and get better and grow in your next forty years.

    My sister came to visit with her ipad and I feel in love. So sleek. So fast. So pretty.

  9. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new job!

  10. You've got a good attitude...on every birthday I'm thinking, "And it's all downhill from here..."

  11. Happy Birthday, Gemini! Enjoy your day and your new job . . .

  12. Happy birthday! Such grand advice which I will totally follow! xoxo

  13. Have a great birthday! 40 is fabulous, and the new 15 or something

  14. You are all so wonderful for your lovely birthday wishes. Thank you all!

    I had the most amazing dinner last night. More info on that soon...

  15. Happy belated! I thought my 40s were a great decade, really hitting my stride. I'm quite liking my 50s as well, counting down the last few years of those -- just so that you know it doesn't yet head downhill ;-)
    You seem to have a lovely happy balance in a rich life -- enjoy!

  16. Happy birthday! I love your attitude!

  17. Hope you had a GREAT birthday my girl! I love your post and your mind set. Congrats on your new job too! There's a lot of excitement in your life right now... make the most of it :-)

  18. Happy birthday even if it is a little late. I hope you had a great day and that the new job is off to a fabulous start.

  19. 40 and looking FAB! and it sounds like things are going quite well in your life, so REVEL IN IT!!!

    i wish you the best with the new role at work!!!

    cheers to you!

  20. Rollergirl: Thank you!!

    Allison: xo - come visit soon.

    Tessa: That's what it's all about, yes?

    Monkey: Thanks! xo

    Myrna: I'm prepared to believe that!

    E: I have so many great role models in their 40s. Look at the great new things you've been working towards and accomplishing. xo

    Cali369: Thank you!

    judidarling: Ha! Your comment made me laugh. I'm precocious too, it appears. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    staceyd: Thank you. That iPad is addictive :-)

  21. Stacey: xo :-)

    Raven: Thank you. Week 1 is down. Whew.

    WendyB: You are the poster child of women in their 40s. I can't believe you have those thoughts. You're an example to us all!

    Miss C: Thank you! And happy birthday to you too...

    E8: You should! I've learned it from my 40-something friends.

    Marinka: The new 13, but who's counting...

    D.: Yes!

    Tiffany: Thank you!

    Mater: Your life seems totally joyful. I'm looking forward to the future. Thank you...

    Tara: Thank you!

    Stacy: It's exciting times. I'm trying to enjoy every moment.

    Mardel: Thank you! No birthday wishes are ever late. They help to work through the after-bday anticlimax :-)

    J: Thank you. Let me tell you, you're moments away from a great phase of life. I'm thinking of you and your family right now. Hope your sister is doing well. xo