Monday, June 21, 2010


I feel conflicted about linking you to this product, the Nylon Spandex Stretch, Floral Lace High-Waist Brief, because it is by American Apparel.

Is it wrong for me to use this image (the only one I could find that wasn't entirely sleazy) from AA's site, without doing so? I mean, I am accrediting the brand with this new product, a very flattering, retro style of panties - perfect for underneath tight skirts because the seam line runs beneath the curve of your butt. I'm happy to tell you that it's incredibly reasonably priced at $17.00 CDN. I've seen undies like this that cost $80.00. There is no skimpage on fabric peeps. I know how much lingerie fabric costs so I'm amazed by the price point. (Please, don't say anything that may force me to think to0 hard about how this can be.)

I bought a large, without even trying them on*, because I know how small everything runs in that place. They fit perfectly. Dare I suggest they are a lot more flattering on me than on the model from the website (not the one in the photo above - the drugged out looking one I will not link to).

The item comes in 6 colours - the lilac (or dusk) shade being particularly lovely. I'm on a black kick right now - and I don't buy panties that won't match a bra - so that colour isn't for me.

Anyone tried these? Whatcha think?

* I'm in and out of that place - and very infrequently. AA does stock a variety of cotton thong in beige that is a wardrobe staple though. I've tried to find an alternative but there's nothing quite like it, and sure as hell not for 12 bucks. Can't wait to figure out how to draft my own version.


  1. I've noticed AA keeps getting kinkier over time. Oh well, it appeals to the majority of thier market, I guess. These are pretty though!

  2. They look gorgeous. And I, too, feel conflicted about AA. I've got so much of their stuff and the quality is great ... but ugh, those ads.

  3. one of my pet peeves is having to stockpile an array of 'no-line' undergarments because of the demands of wearing various fitted items in my wardrobe. it's irksome because it makes for much more odds and ends/variety in my lingerie drawer than i'd like, and i've yet to find a comfortable, universally no-VPL undie style that's not a thong at a reasonable price.

    any suggestions?

  4. and i do love the look of these retro lace ones. which reminds me...Mad Men season 4 countdown till july 25! ;)

    i've become visually immune to the skeaze-factor of AA ads, though. one wouldn't be able to walk around NYC otherwise without developing a blind eye to all the massive billboards...

  5. I'm not aware of AA, but the picture looks nice.

    Hope you're having a nice week


  6. Blimey, how big do they go, if you need a large?

  7. Gosh, I'm not an AA fan...far from attracting me to the brand the ad sleaz-campaigns kind of repel me. But those look absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Haven't tried them yet. I've recently got some skin tight dresses and skirts that need better underwear.

    I much prefer to do my AA shopping online. It's too much of a hassle finding what I want in the mish mash of colours. But they've jacked up the minimum amount to $75 to get free shipping.

  9. It is a gorgeous panty. I feel sure that you look more fab than the model.
    p.s I had a dream I went into that store and I was surprised it didn't smell like their cologne. Sorry for laying my dream on you.

  10. They're sexy as hell. At least the ad makes them look that way! Buy them. What have you got to lose besides a few $$ at AA? That's the beauty part, they can't cost a fortune if they're AA :-)

  11. Heather: I think the backlash is brooding...

    Sal: When your bad rep competes with your clothing, it's time to rethink the campaign.

    Sophie - admittedly, I'm not the best judge of affordable undies :-) And because I buy sets, they usually come with ridic expensive bras. But they aren't thongs :-) Try these and let me know what you think...

    Fab: It's a problem, I agree.

    Seeker - I mean American Apparel...

    Reena: They transcend the bad rep.

    Raven: You are so right about buying online! These are good but for skin tight stretch the lace might show through. You'll need to experiment.

    Bel: Oooh, fascinating! I wish I were better with analysis :-) You should try these - they'll go with your new bangs!

    Wendy: It's kind of x rated :-)

    Leia: thanks!

    Stacy: It's true. For experimenting, they're perfect.

  12. I never actually go there ...only shop online ...but you're so right about the drugged out dirty looking girls ...what is that about?

  13. oh and I would wear them in this sort of way ;)