Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love Potion No. 1

All About Eyes Serum

I'll start my birthday potion review with this purchase because it was the non-negotiable one. I've wanted this product since I first started seeing the ads in magazines. I'm no great fan of Clinique, but I love me anything called a "serum" and the bottle is such a fun shape. Srsly - does it remind you of anything?! :-)

I checked it out a few times before committing to the $32.00 CDN price tag (yes, it is affordable), because I didn't want to be lulled simply by the gimmick.

In the end I was lulled simply by the gimmick - but I'm hardly disappointed!

The roller ball is fantastic. Icy cool to the touch and full of caffeine - who doesn't love that substance? - it will apparently de-puff, soothe and get rid of under-eye circles. It's scent-free and you can, they say, apply it over makeup (not that I've tried). I use it morning and evening after washing my face. It's one of 2 eye potions I wear daily.

Natch, using 2 new eye potions daily, and having worn another by L'Occitane daily for the past 2 years, it's impossible to tell what's doing what (if anything), but I find it totally enjoyable to apply the product.

Has anyone else tried it? If yes, what do you think?


  1. I want this, but haven't bought it yet because it doesn't get rid of wrinkles, so whats the point?

  2. I have not tried it. But I am going to the Clinique counter tomorrow( the first time in years) as I am desperate to try their much advertised new anti-blotch serum. I will take a look at this. I am always in need of a good anti-puffing product.

  3. Fab: Ha! I think it does help with wrinkles - peripherally! And if you add a secondary product, you have all the bases covered.

    Bel: try it! And tell me how the antiblotch thing goes. I totally want to know about that.

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  5. Oooh, I have used the Clinique all about eyes cream before, but I haven't seen this roller ball. Cool!

  6. hmmm. i have used the other version of all about eyes, and i liked it. i might need to go back to it, as the burts bees eye cream i am using might not be cutting the mustard.

    and i LOVE some of the l'occitane products, so i will check that one out too! althought i am SO MAD at them for discontinuing the best scent in the world. god. i have not been able to find a suitable replacement in at least 10 years. argh.

  7. Stacy: The rollerball gives it so much oomph!

    J: This is very soothing (but it's not the cream, more like a potion gizmo). Mind you, I find it refreshing and fun - and I think it might do a bit to add moisture and reduce puffing/circles.