Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Upside Down

I do like this room:

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Gotta appreciate a space with floors for ceilings. It maintains visual warmth, while allowing the cool to circulate.

I'm enjoying the splash of colour from the comic book art and the get-it-on furniture. I bet this space really comes to life during a Friday night dinner party with some good lighting and sharp tunes.

I do think it needs a spectacular view out that window, though.


  1. ooh yes ...I didn't really even notice it until I read it ...but yeah, ceilings for floors, unbelievable!!

  2. I want to take a nap and read a book and take another nap in that room.

  3. this room is DIVINE, although i would change the art. but the wood? ah, the wood is what makes it good. just spectacular!

  4. OMG me too!!!
    I'm doing some renovations in my home and really need some inspiration (well money would be better, because I could pay other to be inspired, lol lol)

    Hope all is well, dear