Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love Potion No. 3

By all rights, potion 3 is a cosmetic. But I'm not going to let that stand in my way!

I'm one of those women who's always searching for the elusive eyelash perfector. In truth, my eyelashes are adequately long, so I am frequently told. I just like to plump them up a little. For drama.

According to the experts, when you plump you can either "thicken" or "volumize" (I know, the market-speak is iffy...) I tried to determine the difference between the two, and the best I can tell you is that volumizing is vaguely better than thickening. Don't ask me why. There was too much pseudo-science involved for me to commit it to memory. As luck would have it, Diorshow does them both.

I have a friend who insists that the best mascara is from drug stores. In her view, you get nothing more from paying $32.00 for mascara than for paying $7.95. In fact, the cheap stuff is more effective, in her opinion.

In my opinion, packaging counts. As does the fantasy encouraged by good marketing. So I'm the idiot who paid big bucks for eyelash volumizer.

But you know what? It's excellent.

No clumping (my peeve bar none), it does thicken (I mean volumize) and the colour is dramatic without making me look like a goth.

Could it be cheaper? Yes. But I just might buy it again.


  1. I used to agree with your friend, but I have yet to find a really good mascara from a drug store. The brushes on the high-end labels are usually finer and the overal consistency is better. I have not tried this one, but since you're standing by it, I just might :-)

  2. You are right about the wand!

  3. I soooooo wanted to love DiorSHow. I wanted it to be my HG mascara. I, like your friend, am a drug store mascara gal.

  4. I used to be a cheap mascara person, but I've now converted to a more expensive one because of the wand/brush issue - like you, my lashes are long enough that I just need a little extra, and all the cheap ones were too clumpy ...

  5. I've been contemplating this issue for a while. I tend to go back and forth! I buy one of each usually and switch back and forth between days.. best of both worlds! lust this post.


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