Friday, June 25, 2010

That's Where I'll Be...

Photo: National Geographic Traveler
(Am I the only one who's surprised there are no boobs in this photo :-))

No joke peeps, it really looks like this.

Or, if you prefer, like this:

Though thankfully that's not the scene right now!

Quebec City is one of the most historically interesting and flat-out gorgeous cities ever.

The food is awesome. Panache, at the Relais & Chateau Auberge St. Antoine, is where we'll enjoy our first dinner (and maybe others). It's a fantastic restaurant with a truly magical atmosphere.

What makes this trip particularly exciting is that we won't be going with the kid! Don't worry for her though. She'll be in Algonquin Park at an amazing summer camp - one that's totally off the grid. I mean, they use a wood stove to cook, lanterns when it gets dark and they pee in the woods (or in an outhouse). OK, maybe you should worry for her :-)

We had to outfit her for the event - she'll be portaging and camping and living off the land - which, I understood, would cost about $250.00 in addition to the (exceedingly outrageous) cost of the camp. $750.00 later, my husband came home from Mountain Equipment Coop with a kid who can now fall into the lake with all the stuff she brings and absolutely everything will float safely and stay dry.

Let's just say this is about to be the most expensive week of domestic vacation ever. Oh, and the child is going to camp for the next 5 years whether she likes it or not :-)

We're not leaving just yet but I'm getting myself into the vacation swing of things!

This month, while memorable and fantastic in so many ways, has been very tiring. I have been moving at a frenetic pace, it seems, without stopping, for 25 days now and I haven't taken more than a long weekend off since Christmas. Between momentous transitions and guests and 2 birthdays and a school play, party and picnic, I feel I haven't had a second of down time.

I am so happy to see holidays looming on the horizon.

So let's talk about QC - do you have any stories about this great place you'd like to share?


  1. I can feel your excitement about this upcoming and well deserved escape. I just know you are going to have the best time. Please share every detail!! I want to live vicariously!!
    p.s. Hope your darling girl has a wonderful time at camp.

  2. Goodness, it looks MAGICAL! And lord knows you deserve a vacation.

  3. Since you're not taking your daughter, will you take me?

  4. Have only experienced Quebec City from the inside of a Via Rail car that was temporarily stopped outside the Fort around midnight. It was gorgeous, all lit up, and so I didn't mind the lack of heat of movement

  5. Those pics are enticing.
    My only vist to Quebec city was a grade 9 class trip. They put us up at the Frontenac. So totally wasted on a bunch of 14 yr olds!!
    Best recollection is of delicious dessert crepes at a place just down the street from the hotel.
    That and the hissy adolescent girl fights and not speaking to each other the whole train ride back to NS.
    Might be much cooler as an adult though!

  6. My only recollection from an old school trip was taking a late evening boat ride to see the Montmorency waterfall. It must've been a pretty sweet boat ride for me to remember it. Either that or it's easy to impress a kid.

  7. Never been there... looks really magical!!!

    A nice weekend, dear


  8. I think I want to go. Like tomorrow. I have the "no vacation" blues bad this summer. Every place I see I shout: I want to go there!!

  9. oh it looks so beautiful there! my mom is always talking about taking a trip to looks idyllic in the Winter! have fun!
    xox alison

  10. Bel: My excitement is a little frayed today, but I'm trying to keep perspective. It's coming up soon!

    Sal: It's totally great. You have to go there!

    Monkey: Alas, I don't think that would work for my husband :-)

    Kate: I hope you have a great time in Venice - what a place that is!

    Miss C: That's a pretty memorable view, though short.

    Susan: OMG - that's all I remember of my high school trip to St. Donat! (minus the hotel)

    Raven: You haven't gone back?! But you're only 3 hours by car!

    Seeker: Thanks. You have to go next trip to Canada.

    Fab: Thanks!

    E8: I've had those no vacation summers. They are not easy, I agree. But you live in a beautiful place, at least...

    Alison: Force your mum to take a trip with you around the holidays. Winter there is awesome!