Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Cooking of Provincial France

Utterly inadequate photo of a great book cover: The Cooking of Provincial France by MFK Fisher

The title is grammatically dicey (Ha! Get it!?), but the book is a feast for the eyes.

MFK Fisher sounds suspiciously like Julia Child, who just happened to consult on this Time Life Foods of the World series book. I swear, I've heard some of the stories, within, told in other media by Mrs. Child herself.

Nonetheless, it is a joy to read. Unwieldily articulate in that mid-century way, the photos are museum-worthy and the recipes awesome. Published in 1968, it's an original edition and one of 4 in the series I got, practically for free, at Nicole's garage sale last weekend. (She tried to gift it to me, generous girl, but I took pains to remind her that the whole point of the garage sale is to score some loot for your formerly beloved possessions.)

I will treasure it!

Do yourself a favour and find it. Unless you already own it, in which case I want to know what you think!


  1. I love French cook books. My favourite is Elizabeth David she is the original French Provincial cook but I would say that as she's British!!

  2. oohhhh. do share how some of the recipes turn out if you cook from this! the bf and i are planning a little trip to paris later this summer, and now i'm thinking about all the yummy things i want to try when i get there :)

  3. I love MFK Fisher - I picked up her collected works about ten years ago and return to them constantly - they're the next best thing to actually travelling to and eating in all the places she mentions. I recently read a biography of her - a difficult woman I imagine, but she writes about food (and life) like a goddess.

  4. Everything I have ever read of MFK's I have loved. Her love of life and food are inspiring.

  5. Kate: I have to check her out!

    Sophie: No doubt I will try something soon. I'll let you know.

    Bel: What a ringing endorsement. I'm going to have to find all kinds of other things she's written now.