Monday, March 9, 2009

New Gimmick Alert

You know how I love Pantry. You know how I love all things Dutch.

And, damn straight, you know how I feel about food.

So this was a no-brainer when I saw it while brunching last weekend:

Oh, and I also got a mini packet of Soma Malted Milk Hot Chocolate:

It's like crumbles of insanely high quality chocolate - like, it has 4 ingredients and you've heard of all of them - and you put them in a saucepan with water (cream would kill you) in a ratio of 2:1, chocolate to water. The packet shown makes 2 espresso sized cups. And it cost 5 bucks (?!) but it would be cheap at twice the price because it's the most awesome thing you've ever tasted. Like hot chocolate custard in a cup. But richer.

No word of a lie, it's like an orgasm in a tempered glass and I am so about to foist it on everyone I know. If only this had been in my life during the Xmas shopping season...

What I particularly like about Soma, aside from the chocolate, is the fact that it's all Canadian. What I don't like is that it's located in the Distillery District, a place I truly loathe.

Oh, I know, you're thinking, K - what's not to like about "the largest and best preserved collection of Victorian Industrial Architecture in North America". Oh, I don't know. Maybe that the developers have made it feel Disney-built, somehow?

I mean, you go to Montreal and literally every surface gleams with history. Hell, even Toronto has some pretty nicely preserved enclaves (Wychwood Park, anyone??). And then, in the most contrived of commercial ventures, up goes "historic Toronto". And they don't even have the decency to put it in a convenient location. That last sentence is a joke. Sort of.

The point is, I don't care how good this chocolate is. If they didn't distribute, I wouldn't be eating it.


  1. Sigh. Wish I had me some hot chocolate custard in a cup RIGHT NOW.

  2. I saw a TV show about your fair city the other night and I kept hoping to see you or Tanya in it but alas, I had no such luck.

  3. I am willing to risk death to try the hot chocolate with cream.

  4. I forgot if you said you've had the hot chocolate at Soma before (like when it's made there)? I was just looking at their menu. I am going to have to make it down there ASAP! They have more then one hot chocolate on the menu (!!!).

  5. Now I'm wishing some hot chocolate....


  6. Wow!
    I love hot chocolates..=)
    Thanks for sharing it..
    Great post.K-line.Hope to see more from u.Have a nice day..

  7. Ooohzz...
    Love the hot chocolates..;D
    How i wish i could have one..;D
    I will definitely follow through your beautiful blog..=)
    Have a great day K-line.

  8. I would make that chocolate with cream. Just do it!

  9. useful and adorable. ...chocolate makes the world go round :)

  10. Malted Milk, Hot Cocoa, nothing is more soothing than Hot Cocoa! But do you remember the malted balls?

    And thank you for the turn on to "The Pantry"!

  11. Sal: It's perfect anytime!!

    Monkey: Sadly, we were working on a feature film when that doc was being shot! :-)

    Bel: That's cuz you're a crazy risk taker!

    Y: No. I've gone to the store but only once, a long while ago, in the summer. Not hot choc weather. I would love to know what it's like when they serve it to you.

    Seeker: mmmmmm...

    Thanks Solo.

    Basyon: Thanks. And thanks for stopping by!

    Janet: Because of you and Bel, I've decided to get crazy and make it with cream. Stay tuned.

    Maegan: Honestly, once you've tried this, your world is changed forever.

    GJ: Maltezers! Yes. I never liked those, strangely. I didn't like the way they melt into powder when you suck on them.