Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Props to Prada

Usually I don't give Prada a second thought. Oh, I know it's all fantastic and industry-approved. But frankly, I think too many people are topping out with the fabric wallet and the key chain. For me, that's kind of undercut the appeal.

Having said this, a while ago the photolicious Yulanda and I stopped into the Prada on Bloor Street and were greeted by a) very solicitous sales staff and b) some really lovely creations. And by some I mean 12 in the entire store.

And now I'm looking at this runway collection and I'm feeling it:

PS: Do not consider the hair and makeup styling here. It's horrendous. And please don't think I endorse posting pictures of women who look like victims of famine. In fact, I desisted from posting at least 5 photos I liked more, because I feel that skeletal frames send a bad message.
What do you think?


  1. Agree. On all counts. Can't stand the hair or makeup, and their skinny frames make me long for a calzone ... but the frocks are just flawless.

  2. Well, stick-girls are not on their way out of the modeling/fashion world anytime soon, so I'll heave a sigh of resignation and move on.

    I like the dresses, especially the red one. I always like Prada, even if it's just to look at.

  3. yes, I always wonder why women try so hard to look like adolescent boys. It really blows my mind ...I have to say that I too am loving Prada right now ...sometimes, most times, I barely take a glance but I'm definitely double-taking these. {the shoes as well ...but why they are adding the little sock bootie is beyond}

  4. I still can't get over how he told us it didn't hurt to try things on after you told him we couldn't afford any of it.

    Anyway, while I was interning at FASHION, I overheard them picking out runway shots to accompany an article. Several were picked over because the models were too skinny, which I thought was pretty awesome. It made me love the magazine that much more.

    (But truthfully when I'm pulling runway shots, I barely glance at how the girl looks herself.)

  5. Having almost owned Prada,(Hi Janet, looking forward to seeing your tootsies in those sandies) I get the swoon factor too K. And I love that line on the skirt. If that is the direction of skirt cuts then I am going to be one happy little big bottomed small waisted lady!


  6. I agree with all. The models, the hair the make-up... yack, but the red dress is really nice.


  7. I agree with all. The models, the hair the make-up... yack, but the red dress is really nice.


  8. Skeletal frames are awesome places to hang stuff from. Wet towels, cheap necklaces, etc.

  9. I've always had a thing for Prada-thanks again for the sandals Lisadom!
    I thought this collection had some great pieces, although I don't see myself in leather hip-waders next season. The dresses, though....mmmmmm.
    I've bought at least a dozen pristine Prada items at my secret Marshalls source for around $100 each.

  10. I like the first and last pic.
    Great post as always.=)
    They look so glam..
    Have a nice day friend.;D

  11. i hope you could put my blog link in your site.I would really appreciate it..;D
    God bless.

  12. i WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with you!!!!

  13. Sal: It's the chest bones and ribs that really upset me...

    E: Oh, I know. But isn't this more extreme than usual??

    Maeghan: I think it's the colours. Everything looks so rich.

    Y: I LOVE that story. Good for FASHION. And they were so nice to us despite our lack of funds. Nice to see you today...

    Lisa: The shape is great for you. And for so many others, happily!

    Seeker: The red dress is unbeatable.

    Wendy: Don't sugar coat. Just tell it like it is :-)

    Janet: You're like a genius for scoring those. Maybe you'll start a new blog where you show us your great clothes?

    Thanks Solo! I've attached a link.

    Droll: Ah, great minds...