Friday, March 20, 2009


Oh, last Sunday was sunny. Sunday was warm. Sunday I got five mood-alteringly beautiful vases of flowers for $25.00. I know, it's a gift.




Gerbera Daisy and Astrolomeria

Still Life with Apple Doll (Made by my daughter in art class)

Gotta know - and feel free to be honest - does anyone else really care about flower photos or is this some weird K-specific fetish?


  1. The dogwoods are blooming here.

    Keep the flower fotos coming!

  2. Flower photos are some of my favorites - both to view and to take. Bring 'em on.

  3. Oh Spring is here, lovely photos!!!

    Have a great weekend


  4. I enjoy looking at flower photos (these are pretty!), but I suspect I enjoy shooting them more. I should take pictures of all my mom's orchids for you one day.

  5. D.: I LOVE dogwoods! But they are so brief in the bloom. And then those petals get everywhere...

    Sal: I am so thrilled by bouquets. Do you have fresh flowers in your house? I imagine Husband M would like that (re: his nature photography).

    Thanks Seeker, you too!

    Y: Take photos of the orchids, please! I think photographing flowers is the most peaceful thing...

  6. um, i think a lot of folks are rabid for flower photos. i like 'em too, but wouldn't mind some of the real stuff being handed to me from time to time!

  7. you know what I'm waiting for and it certainly isn't flower arrangements!!!!

  8. I LOVE flower photos, it reminds me that I really should get around to buying another bunch soon. I might even see if I can plant some this weekend and hope that our unseasonably warm Autumn is enough to trick them into flowering!

  9. Me too, I like flower photos, I like how you paired the flower next to the lamp = )

  10. (I should have also mentioned that the azaleas are poised to bloom as well.)


  11. I always enjoy flower photos! My orchids and hibiscus are in bloom right now.

  12. you reminded me that I need some fresh flowers for my apartment, so pretty.

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  14. Mr Hammie used to buy me Fresias when we were poor and living in London.
    He would smell them and say ""mmm, couldn't you just smoke 'em!"

  15. droll: It's simple - you just buy them for yourself and then you actually get an arrangement you want to look at for the next week!

    M: I know, man! I promise, my creativity is wandering the streets like a meth addict. I'm getting it into rehab, like this week!

    Ms. U: Good luck with that plan!

    GJ: That's the photo my husband took - the rest are mine, promise!

    D.: Sigh.

    Janet: So beautiful. Enjoy that for both of us!

    Jen: Thanks! Buy some and photo them for us.

    Hammie: I LOVE freesias, which are my mother's fave flower. They are elegance itself.