Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wild Things Run Fast

So I couldn't take a decent shot of my face for anything but my outfit was totally schizo cute!

My daughter advised that I could be on an episode of What Not to Wear, which is amazing coming from a kid who piled on every item of clothing in her closet all at once yesterday.

No doubt this outfit is "out there", but it's also cheeky and tongue-in-cheek and chic (ha), IMO.

The acid yellow T is new from Club Monaco. Let me guess; you're shocked.

Some things you should know:
  • CM has a dubious new final sale on all discounted merchandise policy. I advised that this is never going to fly and the SA disclosed that certain managers seem willing to be flexible.
  • The yellow T was $22.00 on the tag but $9.00 at the cash. And I got the cheetah version of my zebra (pony) skinny belt for freakin' $19.00!!! It was $59.00 originally. Not intending to return either of these, happily.
  • The belt is vintage and cost $16.00.
  • The skirt does indeed have a housefly stenciled on it. Given my legendary hatred of all the bugs, everyone seems to think this is a) weird and b) hilarious.
Something tells me that Imogen will have a field day with this colour scheme!


  1. I could not love this outfit more if I tried. If I were PAID. It's fantastic, K!!!

  2. This looks fantastic! Love the bug, even though I'm no fan of the real thing.

  3. Wow! this is great -- and tell your daughter that even Stacey and Clinton would be impressed, I'm sure!

  4. i like it! well done.

    and i LOVE that what not to wear show.

  5. So cute! I love the tights ;)

  6. I absolutely adore the colors. I keep meaning to wear yellow & red together more often.

  7. Great color combination K-Line..;D
    I love your post.Have a nice day.;D

  8. Wow!
    Great outfit,i love the color yellow top.;D

  9. Hi there.. been thinking about you lately!!! You can always make an outfit work K-line, yellow or any color for that matter.

  10. I think its a totally cute oufit...the boots are killer!

  11. I remember that fly skirt from a post you did on it last year. It's super-fly.

  12. LOL, ENC -- "super-fly." Yep, it is.

    I'm hyp-mo-tized by the tights.

  13. that outfit is totally cute....I love it! You are seriously adorable ...and the photo is really cool too. I could go on and on :)

  14. I love it. The yellow is everywhere these days. Pantone's color of the year, right?

    I also tried out that color with a sale tee, but it's nauseous on my skin. I like what you put together.

    Nice blog.

  15. Monkey: Thanks!

    Sal: Oooh, high praise! Thank you... (PS your check is in the mail.)

    Janet: The real thing is vile. The skirt bug is kinda cute.

    mater: Why thank you. I have told her. She's not buying it.

    drollgirl: We don't get it at our house - though I soooo wish we did. M saw it at a friend's.

    Miss C: Not for wearing around people with epilepsy though :-)

    Y: Thanks for making this outfit possible!

    Ambika: It's amazing how happy you feel when you throw on the bright colours.

    Thanks Summer and Solo!

    Mattie: I'm working up to the all zebra, all the time outfit.

    GJ: Thank you. I wanna see one of your outfits :-)

    Thanks Bronwyn. So nice to see you!

    E: You. are. hilarious!

    Wendy: Of course you are. It's my secret plan.

    Maegan: Why thank you!

    Sallymandy: I think it's all about the tone of the yellow. Daffodil can be great - or hideous. Have you tried butter yellow? Thanks for stopping by...