Thursday, March 26, 2009


Truly, I have coveted this garden for years. Some days, I detour specifically on my walk up to daycare so that I can appreciate its year-round beauty.

I mean, if something looks this good in freakin' early March, you know you got your money's worth.

PS: When I get my backyard "water element", you can bet it's gonna look like this. That thing is so well constructed that it runs year-round.


  1. Be sure to show us some summer images of it, too.

  2. It's okay to covet that garden, just don't let me catch you coveting your neighbors ass.

  3. Are you walking in one of those between-lots service alleys?

    I love those. Some of the things you see from them are far more interesting than what's in front.


  4. I need to do some serious work in my garden.

    In case you have nothing else to do, I've tagged you here if you'd like to participate. But only if you want to.

  5. Too bad you can't steal a garden. Not that I encourage crime, normally. But you're already committing the coveting sin.

  6. The pond is just lovely K-line, hope you'll take photos when in full bloom, I love the water chic.

  7. Sigh. We really need to landscape our pit of a backyard. Inspiring, though ours will never look like this either.

  8. Sal: Definitely.

    Monkey: Isn't coveting ok as long as I don't do anything about it?

    D.: Not with this one. It faces the street. But I know what you mean and those can be gorgeous.

    Right Bank: Loved that tag, as you know. And I hear you on the garden makeover - will be talking about my 3rd installment this spring.

    Wendy: If my crime morals were just a smidge laxer...

    GJ: The fountain is spectacular!!

    CC: It really is. You feel it as you walk by.

    Stacey: Apparently, I'm an idiot who thought I deleted your comment (so I wrote a mea culpa in the comments of "If you can look at..." (most recent post). Which responds at length to yours.