Monday, March 30, 2009

Get a Piece of the Action

aka K's much beloved - but overstocked - wardrobe.

My driveling thought process:
  • I love to shop.
  • I love beautiful things.
  • I buy beautiful things (which come with delightful pedigree and/or fun stories).
  • All the beautiful things become like my beloved children (don't tell M!).
  • At the current level of acquisition, though, I haven't the time to take all the kids to the park nearly often enough - yes, bad simile extended.
  • Those babies deserve love and attention.
  • I'd like to make a little bit of space for my current items (and theoretically for new ones).
  • This is not to say I can bear to part with much.
  • Nor is it to suggest that my prime, or even peripheral, interest is to make a tremendous profit on anything.
Enter my experiment - which is in no way innovative - though I feel my methodology might be!

There's this lovely blog called Laws of General Economy. It's a forum for placing good, loved clothing in an appropriate new home. It's not a money making venture but a community of like-minded clothes lovers looking to recycle their mint-condition, (mainly) branded wares or vintage with others.

How it Works
  • Occasionally, on Laws of General Economy, I will post a photo of an item I'd like to release back into the wild. (I'll link to this from my blog so that y'all here will be advised.)
  • The post will give you a brief history of the piece, sizing/flat measurements and indicated shipping fee plus nominal reimbursement requested.
  • If the item appeals, you go into the comments of that post (at Laws...), and leave your email address (it's kind of like a bid, but the terms are set).
  • When the "bid period" closes, any who have commented will be equally eligible to "win" the item through a random draw.
  • The randomly chosen recipient will send payment through PayPal and then I'll ship the item.
So, all the more, I'm actively reflecting on the secret dynamics in the universe of my closet. Which pieces will be more appreciated, at this stage of our relationship, in a new environment? What lovely memories are woven in their fabrics, ready to provide an hospitable and lovely container for a gorgeous new owner?

I'm also feeling rather modern urban e-cycler!

What do you think?


  1. I think I'd better put Laws of General Economy into my reader and keep an eye out for your posts!

  2. I'd keep asking you to come to my closet and put stuff together for me.

    Also, what do I wear on my legs when I want to wear a skirt or dress but it's f&cking hellface winter outside?

  3. Cool, I'll keep an eye on Laws of General Economy.


  4. I think it is a fantastic idea. I hope you have some accessories that will make it into the Laws. I just thought about putting up a pair of Armani sunglasses for sale on my blog that just don't look good one me but they were too expensive to just have sitting around. have inspired me. I think I am going to do it.

  5. Sal: Secretly, it went up today... Check out my listings at I really hope people like it!

    T: :-) They're called tights. You get them at H&M or American Apparel. They come in all colours and all gauges and you will look cute and stay warm!

    Thanks Seeker: See my reply to Sal above...

    Bel: I will totally do accessories. That's a great idea. I only hope that people like my things enough to bid on them. They are like my special loves.

  6. in the words of Valentino: "I love beauty, it's not my fault."