Monday, March 2, 2009

In Which K Discloses She Can't Get It Up For Much Right Now

I've been meaning to pair those new hot pink tights (I finally bought them, maybe I should frickin' take a photo) with the fuchsia mini.

I've been meaning to take a glamorous picture of me in the new starlet glasses.

I've been meaning to discuss some interesting stores.

I've been meaning to have a meaningful shopping experience (not expensive, just good).

Somehow none of these things has happened as yet.

What's happened lately is I drag my ass out of bed fighting off whatever illness is gripping my household that week, put on the most inoffensive (yet casual) thing I can get away with at work because it's minus 150 degrees, grimy wet outside, and nothing else goes with a fucking parka. Then I try not to eat my body weight in questionable carbs because I'm so bummed by being a) freezing b) light deprived c) hideously dressed in 50 layers and just a bit tired of everything. I force myself to walk because it's the only frickin' exercise I seem to do lately what with the urge to practice yoga having gone on a strange hiatus. Bad timing really.

I'm loathe to apologize for having neglected the personal style portion of this blog because it is my blog, after all, and I figure y'all like me enough to give my posts the benefit of the doubt, topic notwithstanding.

I also recognize that, realistically, I have to post on a broad variety of topics - from fashion to sex toys to weird life occurrences to interiors to food and on - in order to continue to do it frequently, and happily. Right now, and this could change in 2 days, I'm not feeling very lovely. I'm not feeling very photogenic. I'm not feeling very well put together.

And I'm not loving so much of what I've seen in the fashion weeks. Admittedly, I'm not invested this season. I'm trying to be a little less gripped by novelty because, really, what do I need (even if, in my wardrobe, I am going to acknowledge the designer look diffusion-style)? What does it benefit me to get caught up if I'm really making an effort to be more "edited"? I'm not getting off the bandwagon because I don't love to shop or because I don't love clothes. I just don't want to give away anything I currently own, and I'm not leading the life of an American socialite.

This post is in some measure to mention that the personal style (and/or fashion) element of the blog may be a bit thin on the ground until the weather changes. Or not.

You know how I like to practice the white art of caprice...


  1. No one feels lovely while they're sick! Write about whatever you feel like while you're fighting off the demon germs and viruses.

  2. My turn to send you love and hugs and as many questionable carbs as your poor body needs. Save the health stuff for when you feel better and listen to your body, it knows. Seriously K, if there is anything I have learned from the Stress and Anxiety diet is to listen to your body. It is your mind that says you have to eat a whole pack of Tim Tams or tub of Ben and Jerrys every day of the month. But your body says Hmm, I need a little extra love this week, can you eat that for Me please? and do it, knowing that in 2 weeks time you wont be craving that food because you got your mojo back.

    Right now I am eating bananas (ripe and slightly just ripe), chocolate hobnobs and drinking strong sweet tea because that ole stomach bug is visiting the house and sitting in my lower abdomen.

    You obviously needs carbs and probably a duvet day if you ask me. Can you be spared from work for a day? can you and if needed, M stay in your jammies and sit on the couch under a duvet for just one day? Crunchy and unshowered, surrounded by milk chocolate digestives and grapes and watch trash tv? DO IT!

  3. It's a little early in the season for capris.


  4. I can completely, COMPLETELY relate. I make myself put on real clothes for work and social stuff, but the minute I'm home for good, I climb into my sweats and just try to keep warm.

    Listen to your lisadom and pamper yourself a little. Sounds like you really need it, and denying yourself comfort is just going to make it linger. Someday soon it'll be warm, and the great weight that is winter will lift, and you'll feel like yourself again. Promise.

  5. I've got the winter blues too. Everyday I'm wearing skinnies because that's all that fits into my boots. I could put on a dress, but it feels like too much effort. I have to go from school to work. So everyday is a variation of jeans, shirt, sweater.

  6. hey... ever heard of Look Good, Feel Better? it's for cancer patients. and apparently it works.

    I appreciate that winter sucks, illness sucks more, and illness is winter is more than anybody should have to bear. you can wallow in self-pity if that suits you. but you could also choose to look the universe squarely in the eye and tell it to go f* itself.

    you can't change how you feel without changing how you feel. I urge you to get those hot pink tights on your cold white legs, sister, and see what happens.

    it's tough love, I know. but it's LOVE, still.


  7. I hear ya, k.line!
    I'm feeling extremely unlovely lately, what with a lifestyle that doesn't require me to actually wear real clothes and the neverending New England winter, not to mention lots of sickness.
    And the desire to shop, for anything, has strangely left me for the last several months. Good for the budget, but a bit alarming as it's never happened before.

  8. KK, you're allowed to feel however you feel, post on whatever you want to post on, wear whatever you want to wear, and not do anything you don't want to do!

    Hold steady until winter is over!

  9. Hope you feel better soon! feeling like crap does nothing for us or our enthusiasm for the world.

    According to my WV some borst would make you feel better.

  10. The winter blues seem to be going around, put on your best frock (comfy-jammies) and sink down into your 1000 thread count sheets. I agree this blog is for you, right? Mine is, it is a therapeutic outlet is is many personal things.. I have been scuffing round in a Henley and pjs..

  11. Wendy: You're all about being true to yourself :-) Thanks!

    Oh, Hammie, I was violently ill last Friday (like deathly on the bathroom floor with stomach flu for 12 hours). But now feeling better. And I'm going to live large with the carbs, if I feel like it. Thank you...

    D: Hilarious!

    Sal: When I get really beyond miserable, I imagine that you are having the same kind of experience and it makes me feel less alone...

    Raven: Isn't it driving you nuts?? I can't stand it!

    Sandra: I'll take any kind of love I can get. As long as it comes with free chocolate :-) Sound advice.

    Janet: Isn't it bizarre when the shopping urge goes away. I can't say I like it much. Though I do appreciate having a bit of money in my wallet!

    E: Thank you! Soak up some sun for me.

    Tanya: Then we can complain together :-)

    Imogen - Can't stand borst, unfortunately. But chocolate...

    GJ: Very good advice!