Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We Spent 100 Bucks on Chocolate and other Embarrassing Admissions

OK, actually, that's kind of the only embarrassing admission. Other than that I cannot figure out how to spell the word "embarrassing.

I know, it's giving Marie Antoinette a run for her money. It's fattening. It's absurd. It's unconscionable.

But I really love chocolate. Like in a daily, shoot it in your veins kind of way. And Montreal's Suite 88 has the best choc ever. OK, it has some competition, but it stands up.

After a lovely dinner at L'Express (lobster risotto!) we walked a couple of stores north to sample the thick, salty hot chocolate beverage for which the place is famous - at least as far as I'm concerned. It was a drug trip.

Needless to say I bought one of everything in the store (and then another for M), as did Scott and Nicole, and when the bills were tallied we'd gone super nova.

I seriously - seriously - tried to make it last longer than the 2 days it usually lasts. (Fine, 8 hours, whatever.) I made it to 3. Ah, to be moderate...


  1. Well, it sounds fabulous! As another person who loves chocolate, really good chocolate, "in a daily, shoot in your veins kind of way", I certainly understand and have been known to do the same thing.

    Of course the most impressive thing is that you made it to 3 days.

  2. You only live once! Get as much chocolate in as possible.

  3. Gotta have some decadence in your life!

  4. this is not a good post for one with a sweet tooth like me, i'm off to get some chocolate right now!

  5. If it was me, the chocolate would've lasted till it went bad. I'm not big on the stuff.

  6. Love L'Express! Last time I was there I went with one of those damned sons of Canadian authors (from my potential epitaph, remember?) but I remember the frites fondly.

    But oy--your chocolate indulgence sounds better than frites . . .

  7. Oh K - you're my kind of girl! Whenever I get a box of chocs I eat them in the first 1/2 hour. My husband will ask a few days later where they are and if he can have one - but he doesn't learn - TOO LATE they're gone!

    There is a chocolate cafe/shop in Melbourne called Xolate which does the most insane hot chocolate - it's like drinking liquid chocolate - oh it is divine!

  8. You are living in my dream CITY!, as for the choco, I get you... I indulge way too much than I should but I justify it... "I just couldn't resists".

  9. This is how you tempt a weasel to get on an airplane and visit you. OMG!!! Lobster risotto and chocolate.

  10. Mardel: It's so true! I'm practically a superhero :-)

    Wendy: Words to live by.

    Sal: Trust me when I say that that's not an issue for me :-)

    Tessa: HA! I just reread the post and I'm drooling. With remembrance of choccies past...

    Pink: Run!!

    Raven: I just don't understand the world in which you live :-)

    Miss C: Oh, I remember them! It's always a good meal. It's never the most exciting but it's part of our Mtl. experience. And the frites are still excellent.

    Imogen: That's just the kind of hot chocolate I'm talking about. It's insane. It's druggy. And, when I get a box of chocolates, I sit there and eat a bite out of each one a) to see what's inside and b) to make sure no one else gets them!! (Of course, M now eats the other half with no compunction.)

    April: My post wasn't clear enough. This place is in Montreal - MY dream city! Ah, to live there all the time. I'd either be fat or really fit, what with that crazy mountain you always have to climb to get anywhere.

    Bel: If you come, I'll make you the risotto lobster and feed you homemade palmiers for dessert.

  11. well i for one am jealous! i wish i was there! i wish i had the same experience. bah! i'll do anything for delicious chocolate!!!!!

  12. The amazing thing is that you can probably find a way to do it in your own town!! :-) (I do not endorse this, simply support it.)

  13. I have lofty ambitions of being moderate, in that way that Buddhists and French people seem to do well.

    I spend $47 on cheese a few weeks ago, and broke out in a cold sweat upon exiting the shop. Luckily, I had the cheese to cheer me up again...

  14. Iris: I love that - lofty ambitions! I have those too. And 47 bucks on cheese. You are a woman after my own heart - eh, tummy. Right on, sister. It's health food, after all :-)