Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"My Style In One Picture" Challenge*

* Devised by the queen of interiors herself, Alek aka the girl From the Right Bank, this is a fun - and surprisingly difficult - little game.

The gist of it is that I find one photo that sums up every element of design I love. But what's a girl to do when she loves so much?? I'm, like, polyamorous with the rooms!

So here's what I've come up with. But I want you to know I'll cheat with the next mid-century couch or leopard print rug that catches my eye. Cuz that's just the kind of girl I am.

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy Home Tour

What gets me off:

  • I am transfixed by natural light and beautiful exteriors/views that complete an interior space.
  • The interior lighting is inviting and sexy.
  • The fireplace is FANTASTIC. How I covet it. Let me count the logs.
  • The floors - warm but spare - really inspire me.
  • I love all the mid-century design elements in the architecture and furniture. How wonderful to see a space whose bones match its window dressing.
  • I'm attracted to sparseness that manages to be a) adult b) sensual and c) warm - in tone and in attitude.
  • Can you imagine the key parties that would have happened in this San Diego gem 45 years ago?? :-) And the tripping on acid 35 years ago? And the nouvelle cuisine that would have happened 25 years ago?? Gotta love a home that piques the imagination.


  1. Oooooooo, this is a good one! It sounds so lame but I feel like I know you so much better just from seeing this room. And you have a wicked imagination. Nouvelle cuisine 25 years ago - too funny because it's so true. Thanks for participating! P.S. I'm so using "polyamorous" the next time to describe my design ADD. P.P.S. Queen of interiors? Really? You're makin' me blush . . .

  2. Now that is a picture that rubs the G-spot, no wonder it has you transfixed.... and I embarrassingly so had to look up "polyamorous"

  3. Oh my god! I love that sofa set. Wait for me and i will take it back home. lol ;D Such a nice room. Thanks for sharing it.;D

  4. 'My Style in One Picture'? The very idea makes my brain hurt. I would be the Elizabeth Taylor of loving rooms if the rooms were husbands...um, if that analogy works.

    I especially love the well-lit couch and the Jetsons table. And the view. And the rug that looks like it would feel heaven..!

  5. ah, retro cool! this reminds me so much of my parents' house when i was young. luvly build in cozy plaze.

  6. Oh how did you find a picture that so captures the spirit of my own style? Or at least part of that spirit? Or.....whatever. I'd have to add something a little more out of character.

    I love the idea of polyamorous.

  7. I'm with Iris. I could NEVER undertake this challenge, but love the room you picked and your fabulous explanation as to why it suits you so!

  8. Le sigh! I feel more relaxed just looking at it. I am not a fan of too much goo-gah and I hate knick knacks. Clean and lean environments are good for this gal with a cluttered brain.

  9. Monkey: Me too. You should see the rest of the tour (follow the link). It's an awesome place.

    Alek: This was a great challenge. So fun! And of course you are the queen of lovely interiors!

    April: Love that!

    Marta: I know. I want it.

    Solo: You'll have to fight me for it :-)

    Iris: I totally get that. You're not quite as slutty as me cuz you believe in marriage :-)

    Tiina: What stylish parents you have! Thanks.

    Mardel: We just have excellent taste, what can I say? :-)

    Sal: Thank you!

    Bel: I'm telling you, this look is at its apex in LA.

  10. I love your first bullet-point ..well, all of them really ...but the outdoors coming into my living space is a big thing for me. LOVE this room!

  11. Maegan: That's the great thing about living where you live. The opp to bring the outdoors indoors. I am so envious of that!