Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh, These Are Good...

Photo taken by Craig at Altamira


  1. Ah youth. Those are fabulous....

    but my feet really want to be weaned off those high heels even as my heart lusts after them. I don't understand why I don't lust after flats.

  2. Mardel: Cuz they don't do great things for your ass, maybe? That's my reason.

    Wendy: I have a pair that's nothing but buckles and I only wear them, um, for inside purposes.

    Sally: I wondered how you'd like 'em.

    Maegan: I imagine you'll find some way to turn some other pair of shoes into an exact replica with string and netting!!! :-)

  3. yes they are! my gimp ankle (STILL recovering from ankle sprain 6 fucking weeks ago) will send me shooting pains if i dwell on these beauties for too long!

  4. This is the depth of field I'd like for my photo's.

    I don't need to comment on the shoes, do I? I imagine you assume that I love 'em!

  5. Those are some serious dominatrix shoes. But subtle. If that's possible.

  6. Fab: They are fine, yes?

    J: Give 'em a miss. My ankles are hurting thinking about your ankles in these shoes!

    Matt: It's always good to know you approve of my choices :-)

    Ambika: HILARIOUS! I totally know what you mean!