Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure This Video Won't Piss You Off*

I have very little use for GOOP - or Gwyneth Paltrow, The Industry, truth be told - but I thought this was a lovely cooking tutorial that can help a lot of people who don't know how to make a (relatively) quick roast chicken i.e. healthy meal that will taste awesome.

You can tell the woman knows how to cook. And I like that.

What do you think?

Two updates:

1. I had no idea that she is so universally unappealing (at least with this audience). I know I find her obnoxious (which is why I don't read GOOP), but I found the video via other sources (the equally obnoxious Jezebel) and it intrigued me on the basis that I love all things cuisine. Sorry to have struck a nerve!

2. I meant to mention that I am particularly horrified that GP didn't wash her hands after touching the raw chicken and then touched all kinds of other things in the kitchen without reminding people that, while it's ok to do that in a cooking segment, it's a recipe for food poisoning in real life. Just had to say that.


  1. Sorry but I can't watch her. She makes my skin crawl. Her sense of entitlement and lack of awareness for what the vast majority of us go through makes me vomit.

  2. I can't stand her, but she can come cook for me anytime.

    The vid is definitely better than the last. She makes it look so easy. Too bad I'm extremely lazy.

  3. I, too, just can't watch her. Like the good doctor says, it's that sense of entitlement. Also she was REALLY MEAN to a friend of mine who was a PA on one of her early films. So she can go screw.

  4. I've met her a couple of times (once over dinner, so there was some quality time) and she was incredibly lovely and warm. I don't know why this doesn't come through in any other medium!

  5. I used to be a little annoyed by her but I watched her on the Mario Batolli(sp?) "On the Road" in Spain and I found her surprisingly unpretentious. Also, she admitted to depression which makes her a sympathetic character to me.

    I have to believe they edited the parts out where she washed her hands. I HAVE to believe it.

    Nice recipe. Think I want to make a roast chicken for tonight. I likes this MUCH better than the last video.:-)

  6. i kind of hate her, so i am afraid to press PLAY. but i need to learn how to roast a chicken already, so this is quite the dilemma! and if she is touching everthing with samonella hands i am just going to die! HORROR FACTOR ELEVEN!!! i can't even tell you how often i wash hands and everything when dealing with raw chicken! bah!

    P.S. making croissants from SCRATCH?@?!?! lordy, you are a marvel! i bet they will be DIVINE!

  7. I prefer the real GP (as in this video?) to one of the characters she creates (her monotone voice drives me crazy). But the "lovely," "gorgeous" adjectives were too much here.

    That said, I enjoyed watching this! I'd follow the chicken recipe; the salad was too precious (for me to make, though I'd eat it!).

  8. I'm with La Belette Rouge - I could not stand her before but after watching On the Road, I actually thought she might be okay. I still don't want to watch the video though.

  9. She is surprisingly relaxed and charming here. She seems happy. Goop is terrible but I still read it. Sick. Has anyone ever seen her in the movie The Anniversary Party? She sort of plays herself: insufferable and clueless but at the same time undeniably beautiful, graceful and frustratingly magnetic. It is an interesting role. She is a mildly interesting person/actress/minor icon/whatever.

  10. I did watch her, and I will cut the back out of the next chicken I cook. If only the farmers markets actually had that delicious of veg -- but no, no sun in Ontario makes for bitter peas and moldy raspberries. At least our growing practices are sustainable... I will also put maple syrup in my next dressing, but only because I think I'll be rewarded with nookie (hubby loves maple).

  11. I actually enjoyed the video, which surprised me because I usually do find her smug and irritating! But I did notice the lack of hand washing too and was equally as grossed out. Chicken gut germs all over that pretty kitchen.

  12. I actually read this post yesterday but didn't have a chance to watch her and did so just now. Honestly, I don't mind her that much but when she cut the back out of the chicken, I think I saw her in a completely new light. Most likely though, I wouldn't watch regularly and I've only been to her GOOP once.

  13. Monkey: I find her schtick challenging too. But if you read Wendy's comment - well, maybe she's more misunderstood than wretched. Wendy really knows her stuff... Of course, Sally has a point too.

    Sal: I hear ya...

    Raven: It would look less easy if she washed her hands every 3 minutes :-)

    Wendy: If you're the one who got her into the whole blogging thing that's hilarious! Thanks for the other perspective.

    Bel: I didn't see the other video but everyone says it's much better. I gotta check that out. And I heard she was very good in that Batalli show.

    J: What to do with these dilemmas?! So, didja watch it?

  14. Miss C: The superlatives did get annoying. But I'd take that salad! Needed better dressing though.

    Peas: Nice to see you here. And glad you like her...

    Alek: I hear that. You're in good company :-)

    Genevieve: No I haven't seen that movie. I will totally rent it. You've made a compelling case!

    Bayleaf: I liked the dressing idea too - let's try it out, huh? And the idea of removing the bones is smart. If creepy! Ah, to have raspberries that don't look like crap for months of rain.

    E8: I know, wasn't that traumatizing! Let's just say it was a movie thing, not a real life thing.

    Maegan: It made her kind of kick ass, no?

    Mattie: Are you mocking me :-)