Sunday, February 16, 2014

StyleArc Claudia Pants: Original Pattern To Muslin 3

First... (Unaltered)
Then... (Muslin 1)

Now... (Muslin 3)
See last post for deets about the latest round of alterations.

I wonder if this time's a charm?? I do have to say that the latest curve looks resonant, in a weird, internal seams of clothing kind of way. I relate to the short, flatness of the front and the scoopy back (which deepens just at the base). And those hips are very me.

BTW, I did have enough fabric to cut a second pair of pants - though I did repurpose the waist facing. Mind you, I cut the waist facing twice... Point is, 2 yards of 60 wide fabric will make 2 pairs of these in a size 10...