Monday, February 24, 2014

Styling My Stash

I think I mentioned that Sara, Andrea and I have undertaken an "exercise" (no, no one sweats): We've reviewed each other's stash and pattern libraries and each of us has been assigned two projects (from our own pattern inventory) to make using some of our already-owned fabric.

Well, except me.

I've been assigned two patterns that I don't currently own.

I don't know what this says about my pattern library?? (Honestly, I think this is just how the cookie crumbled.) One of the patterns (free, online!) may work very well with one of my favourite fabrics and the other is one in Sara's stash and may make good use of some fabric I'm wondering about how to use.

Andrea's Assignment for Kristin:

Andrea has chosen the Ludivine dress for me:

The Ludivine is free online. Ok, it's also in French but I can read French well enough that it shouldn't be a problem.

She wants me to use this cashmere, double-sided sweater knit (which I've mentioned many times before):

So, here's my caveat. I'm going to make a muslin of this dress - and I'll include some waist shaping / consider carefully where to begin that under-arm colour-block given the relative curviness of my bustline - to see how I feel about it. If I love it, I'll use the cashmere fabric. If I'm on the fence after the muslin, I'll make it with another double sided knit (or two separate knit fabrics).

Sara's Assignment for Kristin:

Sara wants me to make these pants from Vogue 1323:

Using this fabric (better photo to come):

I suspect it is a stroke of genius that she suggested this poly/lycra broadcloth, which is new in my stash and not the sort I've ever worked with. It's got 50% cross-wise stretch and a bit of vertical stretch too and it's kind of sheeny and drapey. Before I saw it up close, I thought it might make a good shirt (that might not require an FBA - or as much of one as it would using a woven with no stretch) but I'm not convinced of its hand in that context. It's a bit thin and synthetic-looking in a way that won't necessarily work as well for a top as for genie pants.

For a brief moment, before I knew what would be chosen for me, I was worried about what I'd be expected to produce (would I be up to making the patterns? would I like them? could I get with the assignment concept?) but I'm psyched to make both of combos - though I'm not convinced they're the next things I'll tackle. I am waiting anxiously for that Issy Top to arrive (more on fabric I've got planned for that in another post). I'm also intrigued to try the Lola dress and to make a second pair of the Claudia pants.

Yeah, you did read that. The Claudia pants are done! Which means I've got a good, wearable muslin (made of freakin' awesome fabric). I'll give you the deets in the next post - including photos of me wearing them, believe it, it's true - but I'm fairly pleased.

So, today's questions: What do you think of these friend-chosen combos for me? Would you ever want to participate in this kind of experimental sewing? Let's talk!


  1. Cannot wait to to see the Claudia pants, you tease!
    Love these challenges. Both ladies have come up trumps (which was always going to be the case!).

  2. I love the idea of the stash challenge. Others can sometimes see what we miss. I would love to have sewing friends to do this with! I'm on the edge of my seat wanting to see the Claudia pants.

  3. Awesome! I'm actually going to make that dress myself and have already printed the pattern. I think those other pants Sara assigned will work really well on you and with the fabric she picked. And of course, the Claudia pants must be revealed first.

  4. I think both of these are going to look fantastic on you! I'm going to be making the Ludivine too - such a great design. And I'm so excited to see your new pants - on YOU!

    I'm not sure I'd be cut out for this kind of exercise. As soon as somebody tells me I need to do X, that's the last thing on earth I want to do - even if I was planning on doing it 10 minutes before it became an assignment! I'm perverse that way :-)

    1. Thank you! Andrea mentioned that you two are going to do the Ludivine. Can't wait to see yours. I HATE being told what to do. Turns me into a total rebel :-)

  5. Thanks for the link to the ludivine dress - I love the side panel shape. Looking forward to the Claudia reveal!

    1. I just learned about it from Andrea. But she's very on the pulse of the patterns.

  6. Love that Dress! Can't wait to see your version...

    PS Check out my Giveaway, too -
    Vogue 8546 - Five Easy Pieces (8-10-12-14)

    I'll mail ANYWHERE - even Canada! :-)

  7. Do you remember where you acquired the cashmere sweater knit. I had one length and used it and have been searching for more ever since. Thanks

    1. It was a gift from a blogger friend. I do not know where she purchased it but I believe it was in her stash for a long time.