Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thing I Love

I love scent, as you know, but I'm always sad when it fades midday and I have to live out the rest of the afternoon, like, fragrance-free. Note: I don't believe in slathering oneself with perfume - that's just inconsiderate. So, in order not to smell 6 times too strong for the first 3 hours of the day, I'm naked for the rest of it. It's so wrong.

I've thought of bringing a couple of bottles to work but my stuff isn't cheap (only have $ for one of each) and I like to spritz first thing. I also don't like mixing scents throughout the day. None of my faves come in sample sizes, at least none I've been able to find, so I've felt kind of between a rock and a hard place.

Only I could speak of this dilemma like it's some sort of crisis.

But the peeps at Lothantique are on my wavelength:

I swear, this is SFW - as opposed to NSFW!

They've come up with this great travel atomizer that even works on spray bottles that don't open - you know, the kind that formerly necessitated using a funnel on, in order to benefit from said gadget. And it's only $17.00. It comes in 3 colours - the chicest by far being the silver. It looks just like a slightly oversized bullet vibrator so you can even shock people when you use it. (No worries though, the pink and black ones are completely PG-looking.)

I just bought one, based on its apparent-practicality, and if it works as well as the floor sample at my fave store that sells everything, then I think a whole bunch of people know what's coming their way at Xmas. The ones who don't read this may be entirely shocked at first glance, however :-)

And yes, I did just use the X-word in a sentence.


  1. I nearly fell over when I first saw the photo.

  2. Brilliant! And I TOTALLY thought it was a vibrator. Thanks for my morning NSFW post. ;)

  3. It's beautiful in so many ways. ;)

  4. Oh let us know how good/useful it is. I know what you mean about top ups - I just carry freebies around to add which is never the same nor my real choice.

  5. hahah I'm so glad Sal said it first.. I thought it was a super UBER chic vibrator!!!!

    I am right there with you in the spritz, esp the bottles that don't open... P.S. What are your fav scents?

    Do you remember Ciara?

  6. This is such a great idea, although at first I too thought it was a vibrator. Perhaps there's an opportunity to create an atomiser-cum-vibrator (and pardon the totally intentional pun)?

  7. That is fabulous, although I too did a double take.

  8. Somehow I went from having one perfume to years to having a collection. I don't know how I would decide which to use, although it is tempting. How much does it hold?

  9. Wendy: I didn't realize how much it looked like a vibrator till I saw it up on the actual site - I moved the photo down...

    Sal: There's nothing like an NSFW post that isn't technically NSFW!

    E: A girl after my own mind!

    Kate: I will. Believe it or not, I still haven't made up my mind. Someone should choose for me...

    April: I remember the name but not the scent.

    Andrea: You get comment of the week for this one :-)

    Mardel: Hilarious and practical! It doesn't hold much (happily) because it means you get to switch it up more regularly. Maybe a tablespoon of liquid.

    Iris: I know!